Life In Misery is a Minecraft video series created by Reasonably Selenium and LemonMedia. Paul Howard, the main character, is stuck in hell because he decided to take his own life, and cannot find a way out. When he later resides at The Fortress Complex, a building made of multiple fortresses, he is treated poorly by the "inmates". These "inmates" are people that have sinned in their life and are paying the consequences for their actions. These include even the smallest crime-offenders that have stolen a candy bar. They all, including Paul, seek redemption from God in order to be saved from the hell. Until then, they must make use of the fortresses in order to shed light on such a dark and evil place.


The story takes place in the Nether, a world that was added during the Halloween Update. Inside this Nether world, these are many fortresses that have been transformed into living areas in the series. These living areas represent the lifestyle of the government that was put in place. For example, The Fortress Complex has many areas such as the auditorium that was transformed for the story line. People would usually come here in order to listen to the government's choir, which would make them feel less depressed about their time in hell. The music helps them to work and achieve great production for the government.  The residential areas, for example, are small and do not have beds because they would explode once you lay on them, which is part of the game. In these rooms, people are only allowed to have furniture (excluding kitchenware), with all food and drinks being distributed equally among all of the people to be distributed at the cafeteria.
Left - Auditorum | Right - Typical Apartment