Are you tired of the old boring looks of your OS? Do you hate the Metro UI in Windows 8-10? Are you also a Steampunk/Sci-fi fanboy/fangirl? Then we have the OS for you!

Introducing, PhobosOS, The OS of the Future!

What is PhobosOS?

PhobosOS is an Operating System made by EDJRMorpheus, with the help of Team Borealis and Aclevo. It was originally an OS with an experience that Let's you not use the taskbar, however, It deemed to be that it was practically impossible to have no taskbar in an OS. As of Right Now, this OS will have a taskbar and a dock. It's built with a KDE Version of Linux Mint Qiana.

When will PhobosOS come out?

Unfortunately, PhobosOS is in a Hiatus as of Right now. We will let you know when v1.0.17 is finished.

What features does PhobosOS come with?

PhobosOS will have Discord for chatting, Soundcloud for Music-Listening, and Crunchyroll for Anime Viewing. It even includes all of Linux Mint's Built-in apps too.

Get PhobosOS Now!

OS is in under construction now.

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