What is Osmium?

Osmium OS is a project created by Twiglets1888, and owned by Aclevo and Team Borealis.

 It is striving to be heavily customizable, so it can become basically anything you would want it to be, and plus it is built off of the xfce linux distro to build it off for stability and to ensure that it is lightweight.

How customisable is it?

You can make it look like anything you can imagine. from Mac OS X to Windows 98. The possibilites are endless.

Just to prove how much of an ambitious project this is going to be, here are a few UI mockups I have created.

The default look

Almost everything you see here is fully customisable, along with the home button, taskbar, icons and general look. 

It has many features from previous operating systems like the dock from Mac OS and the sidebar from Windows Vista. 

In fact, you can even make it look like this:

Classic Windows look

This is adapted for use with those who are just feeling a bit nostalgic, or those who have not used a computer since 1999. 

In fact, why not mix things up? Here is another thing you can do for it.

Mixed customisability look

This shows a few features that can be changed in Osmium. For example, fonts could be changed for the start menu banner and colours of the start menu.

When can i use this?

At this moment, there are no builds for Osmium, but keep posted in our discord server* below.

Official discord server* https://discord.gg/UQqgnHy

*This item is incomplete, but you can still view it.