The operating system the way you want it.

Team Borealis and SFC-Aclevo are proud to present you Celestial.

What is Celestial?

Celestial is a Debian-based (formerly SUSE) distribution made by akuma67, 11pixels and feandesign. The distribution has got the KDE desktop environment. The objective of our distro is to provide you the best multimedia experience combined with simplicity, completely for free.

We've got a lot of future plans.

This is just the beginning, but we already plan to make things such as: Borealis Window Manager and Desktop Environment, our own kernel, mobile version of Celestial, a merchandise store, dedicated laptops with our distro preinstalled and much more.

Our official forum @

Team Borealis Discord Server:

Team Borealis in association with SFC-Aclevo, 2017.