In order to get anywhere in life, you must make an effort. Whether it's working at a job, studying well for a good grade, or walking a few laps around the track, getting things done is essential to achieving your goals. Laziness is unacceptable in society. When you choose to be unproductive, people reflect in many negative ways. You could be fired from your job, for instance. Businesses do not want to hire test dolls. If they really wanted test dolls they would have bought inanimate objects that have no feelings. Speaking of jobs, most people in the world need them to pay for the necessities in life. If you do not pay the bills, you lose the luxury of living in a nice home. This is why productivity is important.

The main reason why I wanted to write about productivity is because I see a lack of it within my organization who maintains this blog. I understand that many people are busy with their lives, whether it is school, friends, work, or family that takes up their time. While personal life is important, a business needs proper employees and staff in order to stay alive. As the Chief Executive Officer, Founder, and Owner of Aclevo, it is my duty to make sure our staff are working toward our goals, and remaining productive. This is not a duty I do alone, and the other executives of my organization also strive to perform this duty, even when I am unable to.

Me and the Chief Operations Officer, Server Manager, and Co-Owner of Aclevo, Carver Harrison, have been discussing ways to keep our organization active. One of our ideas was to make requirements for members to uphold when they join us. They would have to post at least a certain amount of posts, videos, or other type of media or software in a time frame to be specified if they wish to stay with us. In basic terms, those who do not decide to work with us as an organization will be fired for not upholding our standards that we require to be successful. We hopefully will be testing out these requirements within the next week, in which we will post an update going into further detail about how these requirements will be executed within our company. Productivity is an essential for our company, and it is a goal to encourage our workers to show off their talents and become successful employees wherever their future takes them.