Teklik Development

About Teklik

Teklik Development is the technology department within Aclevo. Whether it's web development, software development, informative videos, or even tech skits that are sure to make you laugh, we specialize on everything tech. From our Debian-based Linux Distributions, to this website, to a fake operating system that sits on your desktop, we will be sure to give you the best geek entertainment anyone has ever experienced!

Our Projects

Check out the awesome things we've created!

Aclevo wouldn't be where it is today without it's projects. Whether it be improvements to an existing product, a spoof made to entertain viewers, or just some idea we pulled from the jackbox; we've poured our hearts out in order to entertain our fans. Check out the stuff we've been working on and be sure to give us feedback.

NovaX Bootstrap Theme

Need a theme for your website that will make it go out of this world? You've come to the right place.

React OS: XP Edition

Imagine if ReactOS was made to look more like Windows XP? Well here comes your dream come true.

Our Series

Check out the awesome things we've recorded!

Aclevo wouldn't be where it is today without it's series either. Our videos have brought us our fans and encouraged people to stick with Aclevo, as well as spotlighted who we are as a team. Just watch these yourself and see what we have to offer.

There are no series at this time.