Teklik Development is a department cooperatively owned by Aclevo and The SFC Group (under the SFC-Aclevo Joint Subsidiary Partnership). We work on tech projects such as the website and our Discord Bot. We also make videos that educate and entertain people from the simplest software that you use everyday to the advanced subjects such as the operating system you use. At Teklik, our mission is to inspire everyone to explore new challenges in computing, and to encourage learning what technology has to offer for everyone.  One of the greatest examples of our content is a video made by Hayden, WPS Office Suite Review. Please feel free to check out our series and projects below, and enjoy what we have to offer below.


The Software Room

The Software RoomIn this series, we review and explore software from the past, present, and future.

The Computer Cellar

In this series, we review and explore old and new hardware, such as personal computers, game consoles, mobile devices, appliances, and other tech.

The Electronics Guide

The Electronics Guide In this series, we'll be learning about what you can do with various electronics.