Scerci Media is a department cooperatively owned by Aclevo and The SFC Group (under the SFC-Aclevo Joint Subsidiary Partnership). We work on producing high-quality entertainment, videos, and music made for humans to enjoy. We also work on a variety of other types of content and support, including video scripting, text translation, livestreams, and blog content. We strive to work our hardest to bring you the best content, as well as helping others to make their content better. Our goal is to educate the world about media and it's usage in the modern world, as well as encourage viewers to get involved within the media community. Please feel free to check out our works listed below and our blog here.


Technology Showdown

Technology ShowdownIn this animated adventure, there is an ongoing battle between the Winbuntu and Apple, along with his friends, in this homage to Computer Showdown.

Bootleg Bonanza

Bootleg BonanzaIn this series, our members and viewers browse through the world wide web to find the most hilarious knockoff or engrish products and bring them back for some funnies!