Espera Studios is a department cooperatively owned by Aclevo and The SFC Group (under the SFC-Aclevo Joint Subsidiary Partnership). Our mission is to connect a community of players via the use of videos and the internet to help influence a healthy community of friends. We aim to achieve this mission by encouraging our employees to collaborate together to make wonderful masterpieces. Our greatest collaborators are dynamicwarfare and Insano, the producers of our Keep Talking and Nobody Explodes series. We also play other games which can be found in our series list below. As a child-friendly content production department, we make sure that our content is appropriate for children watching, so that everybody can watch our content regardless of their age. We hope you enjoy our showcase of what we have to offer, and thank you for coming to check out our page.


SFC Plays Minecraft

SFC Plays MinecraftOur longest running let's play series. It's what you expect in this series, we play Minecraft!

SFC Plays Marble Blast

SFC Plays Marble BlastIn this series, we play Marble Blast and various mods, such as Platinum, Fubar, Powered Up, and PlatinumQuest.

SFC Plays Games

SFC Plays Games In this series, we play games that are not categorized into our main three gaming series, such as Rocket League, American Truck Simulator, Toontown Rewritten, and so on.