Communication is a vital necessity in our lives. It helps people stay in touch. It helps others share their feelings with other feeling without having to resort to violence. It colors our perception of the people around us and gives us the information we need to live. Without communication, this blog nor the organization that runs the blog would exist. It is essential that our company uses communication effectively to ensure everyone in our organization is being productive, and works hard to achieve our goals.

I am here today to talk about the recent Discord outage that has broken us apart, and how we plan to use alternative forms of communication whenever necessary. Our members have been having trouble getting in touch with each other because these servers have been under heavy maintenance. According to the company's twitter, the root of the problem is within Google Cloud, and that they are working on getting them fully functional as soon as possible. I was unable to talk about it on this blog because the website was down at the time. The Website Manager, Carver Harrison, said the router was accidentally unplugged, and that he made sure to plug it back in when he saw the issue. He deeply apologizes for the down time experienced. I wouldn't have been able to notify him about the incident if it weren't for our alternative forms of communication that we have available.

We as a company are making sure that we can stay in touch with each other even if one of our lines gets snipped. It is our top priority to make sure our other three methods of communication, other than Discord, are ready to use. Google Hangouts, Twitch Messenger (originally known as Curse Voice), and Slack are great apps that we use so that way no one gets left in the dust, so to speak. We also have a projects dashboard that allows us to communicate with each other from. Because we do not have email services at this current time, as Carver had hinted at in previous blog posts, we are left with the services above. These services make sure our company is united and ready to hit the ground running when we need to get things done.