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Inanimatics! EP3 - That's Sick, Yo!

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Windows: eating a little bag of Tera-bites

Blue Heart: comes and sits beside Windows Hey there, Win.

Win: Hey, Blue.

Blue: sees the bag of Tera-bites Ooh, lemme have one! reaches in the bag to get one and takes a bite out of it only for her tongue to get electrocuted Agh! It zapped my tongue!

Win: Sorry to say, Blue, but only software beings like me can taste the goodness. shows her the bag See?

Blue: Oh. How does it taste?

Win: Sort of cheesy, with a sour-creamy trace.

Blue: Alrighty.


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Inanimatics! EP2 - A Sticky Situation

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Bella: reading a comic book

Blue Heart comes downstairs and sits beside Bella Hey.

Bella: Oh hi there. You gotta look at this comic!

Blue: looks at the comic

Bella: Cool right?

Blue: I didn't know there were living bushes.....

Windows 3.1: comes downstairs holding a bucket of paste

Blue: Hey, Win.

Win: Hey there, Blue. Hi, Bella.

Bella: What do you have that bucket of paste for?

Win: Oh, just gonna decorate my room.

Blue: With what?

Win: Oh, the usual...colored paper, pictures...

Bella: You'r...

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Inanimatics! EP1 - The Start

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

NOTE: Before you proceed to read this, I just want you to know, this object show is not like any other. It doesn't have objects competing until one is left, no. It instead, is like these cartoons you see on TV. Okay, all I wanted to say, enjoy! :)

Blue Heart: fixing the camera Anyone listening? No? Alright. clears throat Name's Blue Heart, and I'm here to introduce you to the Discord Lodge.

(Inside the Discord Lodge)

Blue Heart: Okay, so we're here! The Discord Lodge, where I, along with other peeps, live! Let me show you around! *points camera to Wind...

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