[Apr 9th 2017] YouTube Monetization Threshold

Published 2017-04-10

Not too long ago, Google posted on the YouTube Creators blog that they are adding a view threshold to serve ads on your videos, now they are saying in order to make any sort of revenue on your videos via ads you have to have at least 10,000 lifetime video views on your channel.

That's quite a bummer for the average small YouTube Creator, as it usually takes at least over a year to rack up so many views on your channel. Though is that mostly a good thing or a bad thing, The good thing is that it gives YouTube enough information to determine if a channel is worthy of placing ads on their content. The bad thing is... you don't get ad revenue for quite some time, like that even matters how little you get during those early days.

Why did YouTube decide to do this you may ask, well, many large advertisers heard from a source called the Wall Street Journal that their ads were being shown on hate content such as ISIS videos and things of that nature, and they took action and decided to pull ads from YouTube all together.

The culprit of these actions is Content ID, which is a flawed system. Said videos were being claimed via the Content ID system resulting in premium advertisements being shown on those videos, thus getting noticed by the Wall Street Journal, thus resulting in ads being pulled, thus the new view threshold being placed.

I personally don't this this is a good solution to this problem as what I do believe is that Content ID should be fixed instead of adding a view threshold.

Will things be sorted out for the better soon? Who knows.
More updates on the situation will be posted as I find out about them.