Vegan Dairy-Free Oreo Milkshake (Ice Cream Optional)

Published 2017-05-13

Do you crave milkshakes, but can't digest milk? As a person who cannot digest milk, I had the same problem as you, so I needed to find a good alternative that would satisfy my stomach. Looking around, I found the best way to make a milkshake without the milk, while still finding a way to adding fruit into the mix. Here is a list of ingredients that you will need to get started.

  • Chocolate Soy Milk
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Chocolate Syrup (OPTIONAL, enhances taste)
  • Chocolate Soy Ice Cream (OPTIONAL, enhances thickness)

NOTICE: Please feel free to experiment the measurements to your liking. When I made this recipe up, I experimented with quantities to see what tastes best for me.

A blender is highly recommended for the best blend of your milkshake. Blending this by hand may be very tough, depending on how strong you are. Please let me know down in the comments section how it turns out if you perform these steps without a blender. Also feel free to send links of your shakes in the comments section below.

Now that you have all the ingredients, here is how you make your tasty milkshake:
1. Place all of the ingredients above into a blender. If the ingredient is in a container, use common sense. Blending the containers in with your drink may result in injury, or at least a bad time.
2. Blend until a thick texture can be seen. No large crumbs should be in the shake.
3. If you need an example for step 2, look at the cover image above.
4. If you want to add in the chocolate syrup after you blend, it's okay. Just pour it in.
5. Your milkshake is now ready for consumption. Enjoy. ;)