Super Smash Bros Ultimate - Review

Published 2018-12-17

Well, before too many people make me look like a bumhole, I want to say that Smash Bros is a really fun and generally accepted Video Game series, and the latest addition to the series is one of the best of the best at this time! With a campaign mode where you go around the world, collecting spirits and saving the fighters of Smash Bros. To a fun multi-player mode where you can face off against the computer or play with your friends in local play, to also an online mode which I haven't even checked out yet due to not having a Switch Online membership. But all and all the game is one of the best titles that I have played in a long time, it's just the game my mind has been craving and wanting for several long years yet to come. The light sensation that I get with this game makes me feel a lot better compared to the heavy sensation I get with most every other game which means that the game doesn't trigger my stress as much. The character roster for Smash Bros of course brings back every character from Smash History, along with some new faces as well, such as King K Rool as an example. I'm still working on unlocking all the characters myself and I love it when I funally get one unlocked, the satisfying feeling is just so good! Anyway I would rate Smash Ultimate a very solid 10 out of 10, Just because I've never had so much fun in a very long time.