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(As of November 24th, the SFC-Aclevo merger has grinded to a halt and will not be moving forward, due to undisclosed reasons. This blog post will be kept for archival purposes.)

The SFC Group has come a long way, hasn’t it? We began as a website back in October of 2013, and here we are getting close to our 4 Year Anniversary, with some MASSIVE changes coming to The SFC Group later this year and next year. However, starting today (September 23rd, 2017), we’re taking the BIGGEST step forward since our founding almost 4 years ago: The SFC Group and our first major partner Aclevo, will be merging into a single organization, known as SFC-Aclevo.

There is a lot I could talk about here, but why not have the executives over at SFC-Aclevo tell you about this big change going on:

A message from Reasonably Selenium, co-owner of SFC-Aclevo:

(SFC-)Aclevo has come a long way. Ever since we have started business on September 2nd, 2015, we've been through a lot of revolutions that have changed Aclevo for the better. From a simple Wordpress website we used to be to the hard working team we are now, our future is getting brighter as we continue to serve our community. There are a lot of planned changes that our Board is working on with the transformation of Aclevo into SFC-Aclevo mainly thanks to The SFC Group's support. Please stick with us while we go over some of the many changes that are in store for all of us to benefit from.

Improvements For the Disabled and Minority Groups

At SFC-Aclevo, one of our most important goals is to help the disabled get where they need to go in their career. Our team is working together to provide a better experience for those in need, and in return produce a fully working disabled class that can strive. We are also working on making sure that all minority groups are respected for who they are. Ever since SpartBoi entered office in June of 2017, we have been trying our best to censor as much hate speech as possible and making sure our Discord servers stay clean with our bots running 24/7. Along with this, we have created a new online headquarters Discord which is constantly monitored by Sage (TheRealSFC).

We have many plans to help the disabled perform better in our workforce. Researching from how the public school system uses certain accommodations and goals to encourage those with special needs to sharing ideas on how we should innovate our workforce, we are currently reviewing suggested strategies to get work done in a quick but professional manner. With our aim to promote tolerance, we encourage our teams to work together and support those in need and share their ideas with us as we continue to grow. Please feel free to contact us if you have any suggestions on how we can improve our services for disabilities and the miniority.

Getting Work Done

As part of the SFC-Aclevo merger, we have been focusing on professionality and making sure work gets done. Because of this, we had to let some members go. However, with the purge we gained a better working force that actually makes SFC-Aclevo good. This means that there are more people willing to help us out as an organization. Our new Terms & Conditions written for the merger are helping our workers understand the best quality that we expect as a team.

With our current progress, we are splitting off our community and some of our organization into two pieces: Treehouse Communities and Deleno. Treehouse Communities is currently working on combining all of the decentralized Discord Servers into one huge server so that way everyone can be together under one tree. Once this is done, the server will be branched from SFC-Aclevo into it’s own community with it’s own constitution under the new President of TC, MaxTheCerberus. The official split will occur when the SFC-Aclevo merger is finalized by the new year.

Another organization that will be splitting from SFC-Aclevo is Deleno. Deleno is an organization that hosts programs that determine whether they are “good fits” for SFC-Aclevo. Currently, Deleno is seperated into two programs at this time: The Internship Program, which determines whether a future staff member should be accepted, and The Recovery Program, which members are placed in if they break our terms and conditions and/or they become inactive without providing a valid reason for the absense. The official split for Deleno is set for the same time as the Treehouse split. We hope that in return the actions we are taking will help SFC-Aclevo grow by weeding out those who don’t deserve to work here.

The SFC-Aclevo Merger Project

With our recent merge into The SFC Group, many people have been wondering why we have made this change. We have had multiple problems that were solved by the two organizations merging on September 23rd which in return improves the experience for our viewers. One of the many benefits we have received from The SFC Group is a good team who likes to collaborate. With another hard working team on our hands, many new products, services, and content that we are collaborating on are going to be released in the future. One of the current projects we are currently working on together is Technology Showdown, a action/adventure animated show, and its spin-off The Misadventures of Apple & Tux, a series of animated comedy shorts, that features all sorts of tech in the form of syms, such as Windows, Apple, and Tux.

Another benefit we will be receiving as part of the merger are some good promotion deals. Sage (TheRealSFC) has talked a lot about Aclevo on SFC Live. Thanks to this, more people have found out about us and really take interest in what we do. This, in return, grows both of our communities as well as success and revenue. We also have been advertised elsewhere such as the “Technology Showdown Update Video” on Youtube, and the “End of the SFC Blog” post on the now shut-down SFC Blog. Our blogging services have since replaced the SFC’s and is working very well for the both of us.

The SFC Group Since SFC-Aclevo

From Sage (TheRealSFC), owner of The SFC Group and the co-owner of SFC-Aclevo, himself:

So what’s going to happen to The SFC Group during the merger? Well, I have some good news for ya: We will still continue to operate as The SFC Group, with our members, ownership, partnerships, creative freedom, and many others, left intact.

The only major thing that’s changing in The SFC Group is the way we assist with SFC-Aclevo members. Any SFC-Aclevo staff member is welcome to work or assist with us on any projects we are working on our SFC Group end.

Our video series, which includes ones from our Tech, Gaming, Entertainment, and Everything Trains categories, will continue to be produced by The SFC Group, with some involvement from SFC-Aclevo members if necessary.

Our websites as well (The SFC Site, The RRS Site, and The RFC Site) will continue to operate as it had before the merger. Anything from our Everything Trains department (RoadRailer Simulations and Railfan Central) will continue to be independently owned by The SFC Group, with no SFC-Aclevo involvement whatsoever.

We will continue to listen to our fans’ feedback, and try our best to resolve the issues our fans have reported and/or produce additional content that our fans have requested.

And finally, we will continue to broadcast our live show, SFC Live, on Saturday nights at 7PM Eastern, just like we had before the merger began. Because we were busy with the start of the merger, our normal SFC Live shows went on a hiatus. However, we do have some good news for ya: Our normal live shows will be resuming on October 7th, with Bootleg Bonanza resuming the following week (October 14th), and finally on Friday, October 27th from 7PM to 9:30PM Eastern, we will have our 1 Year Anniversary live stream, where we will be having lots of fun on the live show: Workshop Mania, Quiplash, Bootleg Bonanza, The Return of SFC Live Trivia, the works!

So you see? Nothing to panic about! The SFC Group will stay EXACTLY like it was before when the SFC-Aclevo merger begins. During the merger, there will be some future changes coming to The SFC Group, and we’ll let you know of them on social media and on this blog when we are ready to announce them. We are very excited to work with the SFC-Aclevo staff on some amazing changes that we think you will certainly enjoy, for fans of all ages!


We’ve been working with our partners over at Aclevo for quite some time, and we’ve seen much better success working with them than any other partner we’ve come across. Aclevo is made up of professional and hard-working people, and know exactly what they’re talking about. We try our best to help out the SFC-Aclevo team on the certain changes going on, along with the SFC-Aclevo team helping us out on the certain changes going on our end, and who knows what’ll happen in the future? Like we said before, The SFC Group will still be around during the merger, but you’ll see major changes coming about for both The SFC Group and its branches, and SFC-Aclevo and its branches. We can’t wait to offer to you guys lots of great things later this year, and in the years to come. Thanks for taking the time in reading this and hope you understand why we are doing this. It is the next step in The SFC Group’s 4 Year History and Aclevo’s 2 Year History, and the biggest leap forward since The SFC Group’s founding in October of 2013.

As always, we’ll see you in the not-too-distant future. Peace out.