My Little Gachaverse (Part 1)

by Aclevo Staff

Posted in Scerci Media , on Dec 12, 2018

Original Story by Nathan125... Deviantart:

Our story begins at Twilights Castle. Soni and Gamer Pony, with there friend Nathan arrived at the castle to meet with Princess Twilight Sparkle about there potential future and what there elements might be. But suddenly Twilight and Nathan's horns glow for no apparent reason and they create a portal in front of them. Gamer and Soni were shocked as they didn't know what in the wide world of equestria just happen.

Nathan: Um... Twilight, did we just make that?
Twilight: Appears we have, but where does it lead?
Nathan: I'm not sure, mentor, but wherever it is I've got a uncertain feeling on what is across this portal.
Twilight: For once I agree.
*The two alicorns gulp at the thought*
???: W-where am i?
Nathan: Who said that?
???: Um, me, over here
*Nathan turns his head and sees a fairy shivering with fear. He goes towards the fairy and tilts his head*
Me: H-hello? Can we help you?
???:oh yes, Ive been looking for help these last days, my name is Ellie, I was supposed to be the one that goes with the Gacha summoner but.....
Twilight: Um excuse me, but whats the Gacha summoner?
Nathan: Yes I wondering that too.
Ellie: He is the hero of my world, he tried to destroy the final boss but.... he got corrupted, but i could run away and try to get help from my friends. However....most of them where corrupted too.
Me: Can I ask? Before all of this, what happened in your world before this, corruption happen?
Ellie: After the Gacha summoner beat the final boss we thought it was over but, years later he came back but more powerful than before.
Nathan: How powerful may I ask?
Ellie: More powerful than 10 gods united.
*Nathan and Twilight Gasps*
Gamer: That's way to much power
Soni: I call cheats on that.
Nathan: You could say that again Soni.
Soni: I call cheats on that
Nathan: I didn't mean it literally Soni you silly filly.
Soni: ahem, Ellie, first, I'm Soni, and i think i know how to beat the final boss
Nathan: I'm Nathan125.
Twilight: I am Princess Twilight Sparkle.
Ellie: How do you know Soni?

Soni: the world that you are is a game, but i know it could affect other worlds, I beaten the final boss once on my phone, and that way is getting the best troops we can get on your world, make them stronger and strike him now once and for all!
Nathan: Um...aren't you breaking the fourth wall here Soni?
*Hears the fourth wall breaking*
Soni: .c.
Twilight: O-oh k then.
Microsoft Mike: *In the background* STOP BREAKING THE FOURTH WALL!!! *Screaming like a lady*
Ellie: ...............
Nathan: Anyways....
Soni: We will help you defeat final boss once and for all! *Puffs his chest out*
Gamer: Yea!
Ellie: Thank you so much, but I don't have a way to go back to my world.
Nathan: Don't worry I'll try and help you get back home safely. *Turns to Twilight* Don't worry Twilight I'll be back safely. I promise.
Twilight: I bid you and your friends luck on your journey. *Smiles and hugs Nathan*
Nathan: *hugs back* Thank you.
Twilight: You're welcome.
Soni: Alright, so how do we go to the Gacha world?
Nathan: Where else.
*Nathan trots down the corridor*
Twilight: Good luck Nathan and friends!
Gamer: Thanks twi!
Twilight: It's a pleasure Gamer. Stay safe you two
Soni: If something happens we will contact you, don't worry, if we can obviously
Twilight: Well if Nathan knows what he's doing. *Giggles*
Gamer: Yup
Ellie: So where are we going now?
Nathan: My ship of course.
*Nathan opens a door and then sees a familiar police box right next to it*
Nathan: Whelp here she is. *Goes near it and turns towards the others*
Soni: the good o'l TARDIS
Nathan: Yep. *Taps the police box*
Ellie: Wow! Technology much?
Gamer: It looks smaller of the outside
Nathan: You'll see.*opens on of the doors* Ladies first. *Smiles*
*Ellie goes inside the TARDIS. She gasped as the lights inside the TARDIS begin to activate and the console room is revealed*

Gamer: *goes in side as well* Whoa!  This place is huge!!
Nathan: *Steps inside next*
Ellie: Its like the DJ City, so much technology!
Nathan: *Goes towards the console* You could say that even tho my last console room...sorta was like that. *Chuckles* Although I never expected you to say it was a DJ City. Heh.
Gamer: So Nathan what does your TARDIS do?
Nathan: Anything. *Goes towards the back of the console*
Gamer: Oh OK cool!
Ellie: So can we get going?
Nathan: Yes, of course.
*Nathan flicks a few switches and leavers, then goes to the back and pulls the main leaver. Suddenly the ship begins to shake a little and then begins to dematerializes*
Nathan: To Gachaverse we go!
*The TARDIS flies through the vortex and heads for it's next destination*

*To Be Continued*

Story, Banner Art, and Original Characters made by Nathan125 and his friends. Republished with permission from him.

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