Landy's Farm - The Trailer

by Aclevo Staff

Posted in Espera Studios , on Feb 08, 2019

When I first started listening to the song that would later be used in this video, I already had an idea on what kind of video I was going to make. Even the title of the song is called "At The Farm", which gave me this idea of recording a trailer of a farm. A bit of time later when I played Minecraft, I met someone on the Railway Craft Server known as Landy, who would often give me in-game food to help me with my travels. Curious to see what was behind the action, I asked him about how he would get all of this food, and he said he grew it as this very barn. After getting a consent to record this awesomeness, I took out my in-game camera and recorded what would be known as the Landy's Farm Trailer. Please enjoy this short!

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