FreeOffice Suite Review

Published 2019-09-11

Taking inspiration from the WPS Office Suite Review, I decided to make my own reviewing FreeOffice Suite. FreeOffice is made by SoftMaker, a company based in Germany founded in 1987. It comes with TextMaker, an alternative to Microsoft Word; PlanMaker, an alternative to Microsoft Excel; and Presentations, an alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint.  The software supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. I'd say that this is a satisfactory alternative to Microsoft Office, but here are a few important features that I missed in the video. In the end, I think it's up to the users as to what they are looking for in these types of applications, and I'd consider this one for people to try on their own to see if it fits their preferences and requirements. 


The only reason I knew about this Office Suite is through some debate that was going on with the Linux Distribution I use, known as Manjaro. Manjaro Linux is a Linux distribution that focuses on the user in terms of accessibility and simplicity. The community was thrown into a debacle due to some experimenting about including this Office Suite in their distro, which caused a bit of outrage, leading them to finally give users a choice as to what they want to install on their systems. Therefore, if you are planning to switch to Linux and want to use FreeOffice, Manjaro Linux has it already included for you when you go to install it. Feel free to look at Manjaro if you wish.