[Game Review] Final Fantasy XV - First Impressions

Published 2021-03-19

Well, since I've played quite a bit of this game, I have enough info to express my thoughts on it. Final Fantasy XV is one of the best Final Fantasy games in the series, SquareEnix did a wonderful job on the graphics and gameplay.

The whole battle system is a wonderful experience, you can block attack and dodge in real time which is what I love in most modern games. Final Fantasy XV executes it perfectly, especially with Noctis' Warp Strike ability it makes the game feel fresh and new. It's a fun experience for all.

The graphics are very stunning, on the PlayStation 4 console they are slightly dummed down, but on PC I love how they look especially how thier hair blows in the wind while driving. The soundtrack is also quite amazing, it fits the Final Fantasy theme perfectly and I can never get enough of the radio while driving. 

Also I like the whole Day and Night system, where at night you have to watch out for "demons" which are a bit too much for you in the beginning of the game, and the levelup system is completely different, you have to go to sleep in order to game experience and level up, which is a nice little feature. It promotes actually having a regular sleep schedule in the game and leveling up also makes it easier to fight certain enemies and bosses, Just like in other Final Fantasy games.

The storyline is also very engadging, I love how almost everything is narrated in the game, the voiceovers are also very fitting to the characters that they are placed over. Voice acting in games has always been one of the things I look like in reviews.

Overall, the game scores a near perfect 9.5/10 just because I love the storyline and the gameplay. It is a reccomended  pickup on steam or even PS4.


James Pennington