Discord Terms Of Service Update: Banning NSFW Cub Content

Published 2019-02-13

Today I will be talking about the drama that Discord has been dealing with for the past month. So if you don't know the story, here it is: Discord didn't ban Cub Content. If you don't know what "Cub Content" is, it is basically Furries, but Cubs (Animal Children) and is also porn. Some of the Discord admins are Furries, so they didn't want to disrespect their community. But it has caused controversy over the past month because the policy lacked sexually explicit, underage animal-themed art.

Discord soon later fixed the policy so they could stop the controversy. They also cracked down on other types of pornography using underaged characters such as "lolicon" and "shotacon". In the aftermath of the policy update, many Discord users were thanking the Discord Staff for taking action on the issue and for their transparency moving forward, signaling a positive first step toward making changes to Trust and Safety on the platform.

My Opinion

My opinion on this issue is that Discord should have banned cub content in the first place so that they wouldn't cause a controversy among the Gaming community. Everyone is not a furry. Furries should have the same rules as a normal user on the platform. They are not special on this platform, as it is primarily for Gamers. Now, this is only my opinion on the subject. If you disagree with me, that's fine. Everyone has their own opinion on the Internet.

Thanks for taking the time to read this blog post.
See you guys later!

Logan S.