[Mar 14 2017] Arch Linux Review

Published 2017-03-15

Arch is a Linux Distro for the more advanced users of Linux, it features a manual installation method using the official package manager called pacman, not to be confused with the little yellow ball we know and love.

While it may be easy for advanced users to use, it can be found difficult for new users to figure out how to install it. This is because many new users don't understand partitioning, chroots, or even the command line.

However, Arch Linux makes up for its complexity in its customizability. Arch Linux is a fully customizable Linux Distro with the most minimal installation being a basic kernel and shell. You can easily install new packages, such as the X Server and any flavor of Desktop Environment you desire with a simple console command.

From what I see about Arch, I'd give it a 9.5/10 for being one of the best distros I've tried, despite it being one of the more difficult distros to install for a beginner. I was Lucky to have tried Gentoo first, as that one was even more difficult to get setup when I tried it. A review on that one coming soon.