Aclevo Is Leaving YouTube, But Why? (OUTDATED)

Published 2017-04-11

Serious changes are going to be made in order to keep Aclevo alive. For one, our main source of revenue will be the blog instead of YouTube. I, Reasonably Selenium, the CEO of Aclevo, will be explaining why in a minute. We as a company will also be switching from YouTube to other services such as DailyMotion and HitBox. Before we begin, please understand that we have strong opinions about maintaining an effective budget in the surplus region. We really do not like losing one of our best sources of income that keeps us rolling.

As you all may know, YouTube has recently changed their policies regarding monetization. YouTube channels below 10k total views will no longer be able to receive revenue until they are able to get that amount of views. Unfortunately, getting popular does not happen overnight, and Aclevo heavily relied on this revenue in order to provide funding for the website and the domain. We may not be able to pay for the xyz domain due to the unforeseen circumstances, and may have to go back to using a free domain. We will keep you posted, and update you if and when "doomsday" comes.

But in all seriousness, we do have some solution to our revenue problems, which is our blog. We use the ads on our posts to pay for the website and domain. I am not qualified to share information about how much revenue we make. However, we as Aclevo hope to make enough revenue in order to pay for our necessities and keep the blog running. Our bloggers, including myself, work really hard in order to make sure content gets pushed out here.

We as a company will no longer post our videos to YouTube. Instead, all videos will be uploaded and monetized on a video sharing service known as DailyMotion. Their company was founded in France in 2003, and has been growing as an alternative to YouTube ever since. Our Multi Channel Network, known as Freedom, currently support getting revenue on DailyMotion at the time of this post.

They also support HitBox, a video streaming service we may decide to use to stream Aclevo Live. One of our members showed interest in producing live shows in order to get more viewers. We thought it would be in our interest to start streaming in order to keep our fans happy. If you would like to see us live stream successfully for the first time, please let us know down in the comments below. We will be sure to produce quality content on the double.

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