What is Aclevo in 2021?

Published 2021-03-20

It's been a long haul for all of these years, we have gone through many hardships and challenges, but things are bright in our future!

So hello, My name is James D Pennington, the current president of Aclevo Innovations, a Content Creation Community dedicated to bringing you the best content we can provide within our abilities. We will be introducing a new format of media soon, and I would like to call it OVOB, which stands for One Video One Blog. We agree that this new blog format will help us grow our community and raise traffic to our website.

We are also getting ready to apply advertisments to our website to help earn a bit of money to better our server infrastructure to be able to host more, and even serve more for our viewers and community team members. Aclevo will continue to provide content to everyone that is willing to consume, we will be pushing a 1 to 2 blog post a week schedule to make sure there is plenty of content to digest each and every month. As president of Aclevo I will make sure of this, and, if nobody has anything to write I will willingfully create a post.

Finally, please have a look out for some new projects in the near future, I myself am working on something in the prototype phase and will be ready for an announcement later this year. I can not get too much into detail on it at this point in time.

Thanks, James D Pennington

Aclevo President