Aclevo's New Direction - The Divorce of The SFC Group

Posted in The SFC Group, Aclevo Blogs on Nov 27, 2017

With the SFC-Aclevo Merger coming to an end, Aclevo will be heading in a new direction as it recovers from a major downscaling. Sadly, this means The SFC Group will be independent from us, however we will still remain partners for as long as we can. But because of this, many changes are expected to take effect in the future as 2017 comes to a close. This will be a big game changer on our end.

We’re Downscaling (Heavily)

As you might have seen, the Disabled Communities was abruptly discontinued. This was caused by Reasonably Selenium having some personal issues going on in his life. As a result...

The SFC Group November 2017 Update

Posted in The SFC Group on Nov 11, 2017

2017 is soon to draw to a close after next month, but that won't stop us from giving out update after update for late 2017! This month, we have some announcements to make regarding our website, YouTube channel, and our branches in the Everything Trains department! We hope you'll enjoy what we're working hard on as much as we do, but let's not yak for too long, and begin with the first major update...

1. The next generation SFC Site will be released on November 24th!

UPDATE: The SFC Site Release Candidate 1.1 has been released with an updated Chatroom rules section of our live page.

The ...

SFC Plays Minecraft is No More: Now What?

Posted in The SFC Group on Aug 19, 2017

Some of you may or may not have seen this announcement coming from far away, but we are officially confirming this today: The SFC Plays Minecraft let's play series has been cancelled (at least as a standalone series). We no longer have interest in continuing the series, which has been on longest-running let's play series up to this point. It was a tough decision to make, but it's for the better of The SFC Group.

Does this mean no more Minecraft let's plays? 

We do have some good news: Of course not! The "SFC Plays Minecraft" name will continue to be used in our "SFC Plays Games" series, ...

The August Update

Posted in The SFC Group on Jul 29, 2017

August is gonna be a huge month for The SFC Group (and you'll see why down below)! We've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to give you and our other fans a much smoother and better experience, plus we've also been working hard on some new content that you guys will sure like. Some of the these changes we are announcing now will be made in the month of August, while some of these changes will be made today. This week, we have lots going on, which is why we haven't been posting a lot of content on social media for quite some time, but afterwards, we should be back up and running wit...