(ARCHIVED) The SFC-Aclevo Merger: A Big Leap Forward

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives, Aclevo Blogs on Sep 23, 2017

(As of November 24th, the SFC-Aclevo merger has grinded to a halt and will not be moving forward, due to undisclosed reasons. This blog post will be kept for archival purposes.)

The SFC Group has come a long way, hasn’t it? We began as a website back in October of 2013, and here we are getting close to our 4 Year Anniversary, with some MASSIVE changes coming to The SFC Group later this year and next year. However, starting today (September 23rd, 2017), we’re taking the BIGGEST step forward since our founding almost 4 years ago: The SFC Group and our first major partner Aclevo, will be merging ...

The End of The SFC Blog

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Apr 07, 2017

Some of you may be asking, "What's with the absence of posts on The SFC Blog?" You may think it has something to do with major projects in the way, but that's NOT the main reason. It's actually a bit of a serious reason which we'll get into later. Despite that it's the first post on this blog in a while, unfortunately, this may be the last one for this blog, which we'll get into later. For now, here are a couple of major announcements:

The SFC Site has been updated to version 2.1! Ever since The SFC Site 2 got released to the public a couple months ago, you guys gave us great feedback, and it ...

(UPDATED TO 2.0.1) The SFC Site 2, SFC Live, Train Sim Month, and More!

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Feb 25, 2017

UPDATE: The SFC Site 2 was updated to 2.0.1 to fix a major home button bug, and the "Receive SFC news" option during Backstage & Newsletter registration is no longer required to use the SFC Live and B&N Exclusive Content options.

We have been extremely busy during the past few weeks, but things have been going pretty well when it comes to our content. Today, we have 4 major announcements to cover, and they are pretty exciting ones, too:

1. The SFC Site 2 has been officially released to the public!

Today marks the day of release for The SFC Site version 2, the biggest update to our website yet...

The SFC Site 2 Release Candidate 2!

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Feb 18, 2017

This is it! Development on The SFC Site 2 is almost over! After the release of Release Candidate 1, it would make sense to release the final development build of The SFC Site 2, Release Candidate 2, exclusively to Backstage & Newsletter users!

If you missed out the previous Release Candidate, don't worry! Now is your time to check out what's been changed! Like Release Candidate (RC) 1, Release Candidate 2 is available today through our free email service, Backstage & Newsletter. If you're already subscribed to our newsletter, you should gain access to it so be sure to check your inbox! Here's ...

The SFC Site 2 Release Candidate!

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Feb 11, 2017

After two successful public betas, The SFC Site 2 is on its last leg of the development phase! We're now moving onto the Release Candidate phase before its final release!

The SFC Site 2 has been in development since late 2016, and since the Public Beta release in December 2016, we've been getting a decent amount of positive feedback on the new site. Well, we are now wrapping up development of The SFC Site 2, however we still have features to implement and bugs to squash before its final release. That's why we have release candidates, which are going to be available exclusively through Bac...

The SFC Group 2017 Update + Q&A

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Jan 16, 2017

2017 is here! With a new year, comes new changes and new content from The SFC Group! And oh boy, we've got some amazing stuff to keep you up-to-date with!

Let's get started with the first update:

1. The SFC Site 2 Public Beta 2 is now available! We're getting close to The SFC Site 2's official release in February, but there's still a lot of work to be done with the site. Public Beta 2 will be the last major public beta release of The SFC Site 2 before we get to the final release, as the final development builds (the release candidates) will be available exclusively throug...

The New Year is Coming!

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Dec 28, 2016

2016 is coming to a close, and a new year is approaching!

2016 was an incredible year for us: We've started making new content on our Youtube channel and in the process, gained a huge fanbase, with over 250 subscribers as of when I'm writing this post. We've also started working on products from RoadRailer Simulations, with our first Workshop scenarios available soon on the Steam Workshop! Technology Showdown: The Prologue is also being worked on, which is scheduled to be released in mid-2017. I could go on and on, but that's not what we're talking about today.

To wrap up the year, we have rel...

The 2016 Marble Blast Championship Grand Finale! (STREAM OVER)

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Dec 15, 2016

*SFC Live is over. The full recording will be up soon on Youtube. Thanks to those who joined our stream!*

This is it guys! The final game of the 2016 Marble Blast Platinum Championships is happening on Saturday, December 17th at 7PM Eastern/6PM Central/12AM UTC! Our two finalists, Artur15141 and hPerks, will go head-to-head in an incredible showdown to not only become the next Marble Blast Platinum Champion, but also win the $20 USD Steam credit!

We will only be playing 7 rounds tonight, but we'll also have our custom gamemodes, Random Kick Mode (every minute a random player will get kicked of...

(UPDATED TO 1.01) The SFC Site 2 - What You'll Need To Know

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Dec 09, 2016

UPDATE: We have released a quick Public Beta 1.01 patch to fix some issues with the Mobile Site and the Music page.

The SFC Site 2 has been officially released in Public Beta form, and is a replacement for The SFC Site 1.x releases, which have been with us since 2013. Now you might ask to yourself, what do I need to know about this new website release? Here are some of the questions you might ask below:

What is The SFC Site 2?
The SFC Site 2 is the second major release of The SFC Site, which was in development since the Summer of 2016. The Public Beta is available today, and is a replacem...

Thank you for 250 Subscribers!

Posted in The SFC Blog Archives on Dec 05, 2016

Thank you so much guys and gals for your support on our content! The SFC Group Youtube channel has made to a quarter 1,000 subscribers: 250!

In celebration of this, we have 3 major announcements to cover, also in preparations for the new year:

1. The SFC Group is now on Twitter!
For the first time in The SFC Group's long 3 year history, we have finally completed our social network checklist, with us now being on Twitter! On our new Twitter page, we'll be posting the usual stuff we put up on our other social networks: New videos, new website updates, livestream notifications, the works. I...