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My name is Reasonably Selenium, and I am almost an adult, but I am still living at my parent's house. I have no source of income right now, and I need to save up so I don't end up in a cardboard box in the next decade. YouTube is not going to be a solution anymore, especially because of the new requirements they are enforcing. The blog itself isn't going to make me enough money to live on my own either. I have to grow up, get a job, and learn the essentials of becoming an adult.

I will be keeping track of my progress of becoming an adult on this new blog series. This way, people who want to follow my story can check out new releases, and possibly learn about what it feels like to transition to the real world. I have a lot to learn about, and my knowledge has only touched the surface of the many necessities I will need to look out for. My past work experiences and current course in finances should help me reach my personal educational goals, and I hope to expand my learning by going to college. But getting a job and not catching writer's block has to come first before I get there.

I used to volunteer at a few restaurants in o...

If you’re reading this article you may have considered deleting your Facebook account before, but you're worried. Worried about missing out, struggling to stay connected, or getting left behind by the almost 2 billion users on Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg's platform. 

Don't be. 

It has never before been easier to completely remove Facebook from your life — not missing a single social beat in the process. And when you finally do, you'll wonder what took you so long in the first place. In case you’re wondering why you should delete your Facebook, here’s a list of all the bad things Facebook has done since 2007.

First things first: Hitting "delete"

If you're going to live without Facebook your first step should be actually deleting your account. Thankfully, it's not that tricky. Kick off the liberating process by logging into your Facebook account. Savor the knowledge that this will be the last time you ever need to do this. 

Next, instead of navigating your way through a bunch of random menus, simply drop&...

Do you crave milkshakes, but can't digest milk? As a person who cannot digest milk, I had the same problem as you, so I needed to find a good alternative that would satisfy my stomach. Looking around, I found the best way to make a milkshake without the milk, while still finding a way to adding fruit into the mix. Here is a list of ingredients that you will need to get started.

  • Chocolate Soy Milk
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Chocolate Syrup (OPTIONAL, enhances taste)
  • Chocolate Soy Ice Cream (OPTIONAL, enhances thickness)

NOTICE: Please feel free to experiment the measurements to your liking. When I made this recipe up, I experimented with quantities to see what tastes best for me.

A blender is highly recommended for the best blend of your milkshake. Blending this by hand may be very tough, depending on how strong you are. Please let me know down in the comments section how it turns out if you perform these steps without a blender. Also feel free to send links of your shakes in the comments section below.

Now that you have all the ingredients, here is how you make your tasty mil...

Just recently, Discord released new policies regarding text channels and personal messages. These changes include a new Report button, a new Community Guidelines policy, and restricting access to minors from using the service. The Privacy Policy and Terms Of Service were modified to reflect those changes. Here are five changes to expect with Discord.

1. Reporting Users Is Now Easier

Discord now provides a Report button to make it easier to report message that have offended you. The user you are reporting cannot be on your friends list, and you must unfriend them first by right clicking on their username and selecting "Remove Friend". To report a message, click on the hamburger icon next to the offensive message, and selecting "Report". From there, you will see this message:

Discord's New Report Screen, as posted   Read "Discord's New Policies - How They Affect You"

Serious changes are going to be made in order to keep Aclevo alive. For one, our main source of revenue will be the blog instead of YouTube. I, Reasonably Selenium, the CEO of Aclevo, will be explaining why in a minute. We as a company will also be switching from YouTube to other services such as DailyMotion and HitBox. Before we begin, please understand that we have strong opinions about maintaining an effective budget in the surplus region. We really do not like losing one of our best sources of income that keeps us rolling.

As you all may know, YouTube has recently changed their policies regarding monetization. YouTube channels below 10k total views will no longer be able to receive revenue until they are able to get that amount of views. Unfortunately, getting popular does not happen overnight, and Aclevo heavily relied on this revenue in order to provide funding for the website and the domain. We may not be able to pay for the xyz domain due to the unforeseen circumstances, and may have to go back to using a free domain. We will keep you posted, and update you if and when "doomsday" comes.

But in all seriousness, we do have some solution to our revenue problem...

Not too long ago, Google posted on the YouTube Creators blog that they are adding a view threshold to serve ads on your videos, now they are saying in order to make any sort of revenue on your videos via ads you have to have at least 10,000 lifetime video views on your channel.

That's quite a bummer for the average small YouTube Creator, as it usually takes at least over a year to rack up so many views on your channel. Though is that mostly a good thing or a bad thing, The good thing is that it gives YouTube enough information to determine if a channel is worthy of placing ads on their content. The bad thing is... you don't get ad revenue for quite some time, like that even matters how little you get during those early days.

Why did YouTube decide to do this you may ask, well, many large advertisers heard from a source called the Wall Street Journal that their ads were being shown on hate content such as ISIS videos and things of that nature, and they took action and decided to pull ads from YouTube all together.

The culprit of these actions is Content ID, which is a flawed system. Said videos were being claimed via the Content ID system resulting in premium...

As promised before, I've decided to go ahead and write about Gentoo. Like Arch, Gentoo is also one of the most customizable distributions of Linux, though it takes a bit more time to install than Arch due to having to compile literally everything.

Gentoo has it's own build utility though, that the name of slips my mind, it's easily accessed using the command emerge. Installing Gentoo is done completely through said command.

Like Arch, It can be proven difficult for new users to install if they don't know how to partition the hard drive or how to use basic shell commands, it's best to read the installation guide if that's the case.

Also like Arch, the most basic installation is a Kernel, Shell, and a copy of the GNU Compiler Collection. Installing other software is as simple as typing emerge then the name of the program unless the program is somehow not included in the source code repositories, using emerge automatically takes the system through the build steps to compile said program making the task much simpler.

My honest opinion on the score I shall give Gentoo, 7.9/10, due to the slow install process. I'd prefer Arch over Gentoo for that reason alo...

If I care about one thing about being online, then it must be privacy. A common mistake I always see is that people think if they are not doing anything wrong then they do not need to be safe. That's not a good mindset to use when browsing the web. A great solution for this is a VPN.

What's a VPN and why should I care?

A VPN enables users to send and receive data across shared or public networks as if their computers were directly connected to the private network. Not only does this hide your IP-address, but also your location and websites you visit from your ISP. It's also useful for browsing websites that happen to be blocked by your ISP or website administrator.

Every day you give access to your personal data to thousands of websites and services located all over the world. On the way to its final destination your data passes dozens of hops, routers and networks.

Your data can be logged, monitored, analyzed and stored by your ISP, your network administrator, a site you visit, your network peers, or even worse, a hacker.

For example, your network peers may be snooping and peeking on your private Internet acti...

Yesterday night, I decided to try out a product that I haven't put to the test in years. NeverWare CloudReady, a port of Chromium OS that can be installed on older computers and laptops, sparked my interest yet again when I saw that they introduced a Multi-boot feature so that you could install it alongside Windows. Because Windows 10 is not really my favorite product when it comes to operating systems in regards to their forced update scheme, I had an excuse to install something new. Sure, I could have wiped the hard drive and installed this as my primary operating system, but I still used the Multi-boot feature because I still have data on my hard drive that I didn't want to lose. Here is my experience with the installation and the use of this product.

The installation of this product was very easy. All I had to do was follow the instructions on this website. Although it wasn't recommended to use a SanDisk USB Flash Drive, the one that was purchased for me some time ago worked very well. As I booted into the CloudReady installation, the display became very bright. I wasn't too happy with this, but I was able to turn do...

Arch is a Linux Distro for the more advanced users of Linux, it features a manual installation method using the official package manager called pacman, not to be confused with the little yellow ball we know and love.

While it may be easy for advanced users to use, it can be found difficult for new users to figure out how to install it. This is because many new users don't understand partitioning, chroots, or even the command line.

However, Arch Linux makes up for its complexity in its customizability. Arch Linux is a fully customizable Linux Distro with the most minimal installation being a basic kernel and shell. You can easily install new packages, such as the X Server and any flavor of Desktop Environment you desire with a simple console command.

From what I see about Arch, I'd give it a 9.5/10 for being one of the best distros I've tried, despite it being one of the more difficult distros to install for a beginner. I was Lucky to have tried Gentoo first, as that one was even more difficult to get setup when I tried it. A review on that one coming soon.

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