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Mario Kart Tour - Review

Hey! I'm Lemon. And if you're like me, you like Mario Kart. Mario Kart is in my opinion one of the best multiplayer racing games out there. It's fun to play with friends (if they last while playing this game) and by yourself.

There have been several iterations of it over the past 20+ years. Earlier last month, Nintendo released Mario Kart Tour, a Mario Kart game for mobile devices. Mario Kart Tour is free to play until Oct. 9th (my speculation). I've been playing this game for a bit and I have to say it's really fun. There are many different ways to drive your kart, tons of different character...

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FreeOffice Suite Review

Taking inspiration from the WPS Office Suite Review, I decided to make my own reviewing FreeOffice Suite. FreeOffice is made by SoftMaker, a company based in Germany founded in 1987. It comes with TextMaker, an alternative to Microsoft Word; PlanMaker, an alternative to Microsoft Excel; and Presentations, an alternative to Microsoft Powerpoint.  The software supports Windows, Mac OS, and Linux for both 32-bit and 64-bit platforms. I'd say that this is a satisfactory alternative to Microsoft Office, but here are a few important features that I missed in the video. In the end, I think it'...

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Game Review - MapleStory 2

MapleStory 2, explore a new dimension of MapleStory in fabulous 3D Graphics and a similar gameplay style as the original despite it being an overhead game. The ring to it sounds too good to be real, and yes it is too good to be real.

MapleStory 2 is a MMORPG for the fans of the original MapleStory, although it's not designed in that aspect it's aimed at people that like MapleStory but would like more to the story and quite a bit better graphics. Honestly the 3D visuals in MapleStory 2 is quite stunning in my point of view, it really brings out the cartoon style that the original aimed for. The...

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Aclevo Live & More - The August Update

Welcome back to another update at Aclevo! During the past three months, we have made several improvements since our last update blog post. With the introduction of quartly updates, the results of our annual election, yet another update to the Aclevo Website, and other exciting news, we can't wait to share what's new with this one. As always, please feel free to leave your feedback in the comments section below. With further ado, let's look into the recent changes we've made: 

New Website

A current snapshot of our website as of August 3rd, 2019.

After reaching out for a few public opinions, and...

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Arch Experiments #1 — Removing Pacman

In our previous blog post, we pointed out that it is very easy to remove Arch Linux's package manager. (UPDATE: The blog post mentioned has been removed.) But what happens if you do, and what are the risks you are taking once you do so? Is there a way to reinstall pacman? Are you able to remove the package manager from other Arch-like distributions that use the same package manager? Are you risking borking your Linux System by uninstalling it?

Arch Linux runs fine without Pacman

I decided to try uninstalling pacman myself by installing Arch Linux in a virtual machine and removi...

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Make Your Own Slushie in Only 5 Easy Steps

Tired of having to go to your local corner store just to spend a dollar or two on a slushie? Can't get your favorite flavor because they no longer produce it? You can make your own right at home, and it is very easy to do. Choose from many different flavors by using juices from fruits and veggies, lemonade mix, sugary drinks, or add your own twist by using coffee or even chocolate milk (which does not make a milk shake, which we also have an article about). Here is a list of things you will need to get started making your own slushie:

  • A Blender that can blend Ice
  • A Freezer t...

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Review - GameMaker Studio 2

From the little games to even bigger games GameMaker always simplifies the process of creating the vision you desire. The more you use it the more you love it as a game developer. It's one of those engines that does the work of creating level editors for you. The simple drag and drop features are great for a novice developer while the scripting language GML is great for the more advanced developer. I personally enjoy GML as it's very flexible on what you can do in your game even though it takes some getting used to. The Sprite and tile editors are very intuitive and making graphics in gms is s...

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A New Aclevo: The May Update

Welcome back to Aclevo! During our inactivity, we have been working hard on restructuring and re-branding ourselves, to ensure our viewers get the best quality content possible. Therefore, with all of the changes we've made, we have a ton of updates to share with you. Today we'll be discussing our new branding, some renovations we've made to the channel, a major improvement to our staff implementation, and finally a few spoilers of some new content ideas that you can expect from us.

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Discord Terms Of Service Update: Banning NSFW Cub Content

Today I will be talking about the drama that Discord has been dealing with for the past month. So if you don't know the story, here it is: Discord didn't ban Cub Content. If you don't know what "Cub Content" is, it is basically Furries, but Cubs (Animal Children) and is also porn. Some of the Discord admins are Furries, so they didn't want to disrespect their community. But it has caused controversy over the past month because the policy lacked sexually explicit, underage animal-themed art.

Discord soon later fixed the policy so they could stop the controversy. They also cracked dow...

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Blogging With A Static Blog: Static VS Dynamic Websites

In the modern age, we are experienced in using blogging platforms like WordPress, Ghost, Blogger, Tumblr, and many other dynamic website generators. However, a new trend has been moving users as they are deciding to host their websites statically instead of using their dynamic counterparts. But why are people deciding to move forward with this new trend? Is it any better to use a static website as opposed to a dynamic one in web development? Why should I consider one of these over the other?

What is a Static Website?

A static website is defined as a website that does not rely o...

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