The SFC-Aclevo Merger: A Big Leap Forward

Posted in The SFC Group, Aclevo Blogs on Sep 23, 2017

The SFC Group has come a long way, hasn’t it? We began as a website back in October of 2013, and here we are getting close to our 4 Year Anniversary, with some MASSIVE changes coming to The SFC Group later this year and next year. However, starting today (September 23rd, 2017), we’re taking the BIGGEST step forward since our founding almost 4 years ago: The SFC Group and our first major partner Aclevo, will be merging into a single organization, known as SFC-Aclevo.

There is a lot I could talk about here, but why not have the executives over at SFC-Aclevo tell you about this big change g...

The Worst Bus Ride Ever

Posted in Uncategorized, Aclevo Blogs on Sep 02, 2017

It was a rainy day on the street I was waiting for the bus on. I left school very early so I wouldn't miss it. Just me alone this time, no one to guide me or correct me when I made a mistake. My first independent trip was about to turn very scary. Here is my experience about the worst bus ride I ever took.

Thinking it was going to be a sunny, grateful trip unlike the last, I planned a trip to go from my school to my home. It was the same route as last time, and I thought it was fairly easy to understand. I even printed out a copy of my map to make sure everything was correct. Even the times we...

Artificial Intelligence surveillance is on the rise

Posted in Technology, Privacy, Aclevo Blogs on Aug 27, 2017

For the past years we’ve been recorded in public on security cameras, police bodycams, livestreams, other people’s social media posts, and so on. But even if there’s a camera in our face, there has always been a slight assurance that strangers wouldn’t really be able to do anything that affects us with the footage. The time and effort it would take for someone to browse through months of security footage to find a specific person, or search the internet on the off-chance they’ll find you is just unrealistic. But not for AI.

Long possible in Hollywood thrillers, the tools for identifying who so...

SFC Plays Minecraft is No More: Now What?

Posted in The SFC Group on Aug 19, 2017

Some of you may or may not have seen this announcement coming from far away, but we are officially confirming this today: The SFC Plays Minecraft let's play series has been cancelled (at least as a standalone series). We no longer have interest in continuing the series, which has been on longest-running let's play series up to this point. It was a tough decision to make, but it's for the better of The SFC Group.

Does this mean no more Minecraft let's plays? 

We do have some good news: Of course not! The "SFC Plays Minecraft" name will continue to be used in our "SFC Plays Games" series, ...

Hello I am Max

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Aug 16, 2017

What I Do So I found ACLEVO through Discord where i have been helping bring online new servers. I will be cooperating with all of the other members of the discord server to improve your experience. From time to time i will be making blog post so check in periodically for new posts. A Little Bit About Me So I am a motivated individual I like to get things done instead of putting them of for a later time. I am friendly and always ready to help so if you do need anything feel free to come to me. I like to make people laugh and just have fun all around. I work for a company called snapon tools (ac...

Nintendo Miiverse Shutting Down

Posted in Games on Jul 30, 2017

Now this might not be very important to quite a few of you, but for people who love using Miiverse on their 3DS, Wii U, etc. (Switch excluded), will be shocked on what Nintendo is doing.

Note that this has not been officially announced, and there are many months that Nintendo tricked us.

For now, it's only a rumor, but if it does happen (probably won't), then...

Goodbye Miiverse.

The August Update

Posted in The SFC Group on Jul 29, 2017

August is gonna be a huge month for The SFC Group (and you'll see why down below)! We've been working incredibly hard behind the scenes to give you and our other fans a much smoother and better experience, plus we've also been working hard on some new content that you guys will sure like. Some of the these changes we are announcing now will be made in the month of August, while some of these changes will be made today. This week, we have lots going on, which is why we haven't been posting a lot of content on social media for quite some time, but afterwards, we should be back up and running wit...

HTTPS Problem

Posted in Technology, Aclevo Blogs on Jul 17, 2017

(This blog post is regrading the problem with REDIRECT ISSUES with HTTP & HTTPS)

Introducing TheCodingGuy

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Jul 17, 2017

Hello everyone!

I am the newest member of Aclevo. I recently signed up for this job, and so far my experience is GREAT! I mean the people who work here are funny. (at least the owner). I am very happy to start working here. Anyway, enough of this, it's time for me!

Hi, I'm Matthew, formerly TheCodingGuy (on Discord)!

Like I said, I'm proud to get enrolled here, but I must talk a little about myself so everyone can get to know me better. I am Matthew, and well, I am a web designer, and web developer. (You could check out my website:, but formerly I own a small co...

Redragon Kumara K552

Posted in Technology on Jul 13, 2017

This is a review of the Redeagon KUMARA K552 mechanical keyboard.