Aclevo is a community-orientated content-creation group created by Reasonably Selenium on November 2nd, 2015. Originally created as a website project out of boredom, Aclevo has been home and will be a home to many members, partners, and fans who face the same boredom. Our mission is to encourage people who have mental disabilities to find their inner talents and express them in a constructive way for a productive society, producing suitable and fun content for everyone while accepting themselves for who they are.


At Aclevo, we work with the individual to find their inner art. Whether it be art, music, videos, or some talent; we show the person how powerful and successful they can be if they follow their passion(s). We do all of this within a friendly, and encouraging environment with many accepting and loving people, ensuring the person is always comfortable. 

As we work with the person on managing their emotions, finding constructive, healthy ways to use up bottled energy; we help find them find friends who understand them for who they are and accept them. We're committed to a helping and loving family free from discrimination and harassment, working with people from across the world to achieve their goals, short-term or long-term.

Want to work with us or have any questions? We are here for you! Please feel contact us on Twitter. We will get back to you whenever we can.