About & History

About Aclevo

We are a community-oriented Autism Rights, Advocacy, and Content Creation Group founded in September of 2015 by Reasonably Selenium. Our mission is to encourage people on the Autism Spectrum to be themselves and express their inner talents that make them special.

Whether it be through art, music, videos, or other talents; we believe that any person on the spectrum can be sucessful and persue their passion. We offer services for those who need emotional assistance and for those who need to talk to someone about their feelings as a disabled person.

We make sure everyone has an equal oppertunity to succed in their art and be accepted for who they are. We're committed to an environment free from discrimination and harrassment, helping people around the world acheive their goals.

Our Top Board Staff

Our Fine Captains are on the deck to serve!

We are a team of hard-working staff that manages the internals of Aclevo. We make sure that you get the best content when they want it, how they want it. We also make sure that our members serve those who need support and need advocating in this oppressed world we live in. We're the people to contact in case of any issues that arise.

Reasonably Selenium


Reasonably Selenium is the CEO and Founder of Aclevo. His job is to make sure everyone is happy and successful and helps people whenever they need him for things.


Exec. President

TheCodingGuy, also known as Matt, is the current Executive President and Website Operator of Aclevo. He currently hosts the website and makes sure the Board, including the Members, does what they are supposed to do.



Dottanarus is one of the board members at Aclevo. He helps make sure everyone is happy and having fun.


ТКРС Owner

FairPlay137 is the owner of the ТКРС. It is the subsidiary/department of Aclevo that focuses on TTS content.


Bot/MC Operator

TheROFL98 is an operator at Aclevo. Coming over from the TKPC, he manages the Zarvox Nadeko Bot on our Discord Servers and hosts our Minecraft server.

Website Design History

Website screenshots from our artifact center.

Aclevo has had many websites in the course of its history. With many internal changes that happened over the years, the websites themselves have reflected what most members wanted to see in the community. In fact, the idea of Aclevo was started from the idea of a personal website made by the owner, Reasonably Selenium. Some of the websites that Aclevo had could not be found, especially the early alpha versions that included the first logo. Therefore, this archive does not have the proposed grey-white website design schemes.

The first official website to use the blue-white color scheme was made in Wordpress. The nav bar included links to the home page, the blog, the about page, and the media page, as well as a search button if users wanted to look up a page or post. The home page had a slider which would lead to the blog, the about page (as seen here), and other pages. To the bottom left, there was copyright text that read, "Copyright 2016, Aclevo Family Websites". To this day, the intent was unclear about what The Aclevo Family was and therefore changed to just Aclevo. To the bottom right gave credit to the theme author for making this Material Design-like theme, and a up button that could be pressed to send the user back to the top of the page. Efforts were made to place the footer at the bottom of the screen, but each of them failed in the code so it was left.

Image - Spectacle.ZK9161.png

The second official website was made in Adobe Muse instead of Wordpress. It featured a semi-Material Design feel and removed the footer. The slider was kept on this version of the website, but transitions were changed to simple fades. It introduced a new navbar, as well as some new pages that were not present earlier. "Explore" went to various parts of the website, such as the Downloads, Blog, and FAQ page respectively. It also led to a work-in-progress projects page that was never finished. "About" led to the Members page and a work-in-progress Contact page that was never finished in this version of the website. This was the first website to ever add a way to Apply for Aclevo, which allowed people to become part of the team and work on amazing content with each other. This would be the last website to use the slider.

Image - Error_20170604_131047.png

The third official Aclevo website was written entirely in PHP and HTML, scrapping Adobe Muse as a backend. The front page described the new backend as a better experience with less loading times. Materialize was used as a CSS framework to aid in the use of Material Design on the website. The slider was removed because the owner could not find a way to add it in. There were many other problems with the website as well that were not handled in this version. On the bright side, this version of the website added a live page, a media page, and a more page which would advertise similar organizations and groups like Aclevo. "Apply" and "Contact" were moved to their own place on the website and were changed to buttons to emphasize that more members should join Aclevo to help make it better. The member's page was also improved to feature the members themselves and give out basic summaries about who they are and what department they work in.

Image - Error_20170604_131902.png

The fourth official website of Aclevo, as well as the later versions of the website, were hosted on an ex-members home. It ran on NodeJS, Angular, Express, and jQuery. A lot of changes were made by him in order to make the website better. One of them was to move the about page to the home page, the place users first land at. Another change was to put the navbar in a side panel instead of at the top of the page. This side panel divided up navigation into three sections: Pages, Projects, and Members. Some pages were removed in this version because they were deemed unnecessary at this point. This old member also helped with later versions of the website below.

The fifth version of the website was lost in the archives. It ran on Drupal, and it maintained a good level of simplicity. Some pages were restored in this version of the website. Not much is known about this version other than this. If anyone can find this version, please contact one of the admins.

Image - Error_20170604_133050.png

The sixth version of the website ran on Ghost. All of the pages in other versions of the website simply did not exist in this version. Instead, there were many blog posts that users could read and enjoy. Advertisements ran on Adsense in order to collect money for Aclevo and help generate revenue. An earlier version of this website simply used the Ghost default theme, but the later version as photographed here used Ghost Material. At the top, there were links to the organization's Twitter and GitHub that users could check out for themselves. The blog was essential for communication between the Aclevo members and discovery for new members. For some members, it was too simple to be considered the organization's official website, For others, however, the simplicity was accepted and everyone enjoyed it.

Image - Error_20170604_133938.png

The seventh version of the website was powered by DjangoCMS on Gunicorn on Nginx on HAProxy on Cloudflare. It had many new features, including internationalization, better menus, Bootstrap 3, better-looking pages, easier management, and hierarchal structure. Long awaited by many members of Aclevo, it was one of the best versions ever made. Without it, this About page would probably have never been written. (Which would be sad because a lot of work hard was put into this.) It features many of the pages that other versions have left out and also simplifies the application form to make it easier for members to join.

The eighth version of the website was run on RXdesign's servers. It used the Flatly Bootstrap Theme on top of OctoberCMS, a simple and modular CMS (Content Management System) based on the Laravel PHP Framework. The server itself used Nginx as a reverse-proxy and Apache2 as the web server and is used MySQL as a database system. It was located in Amsterdam, the Netherlands running on a redundant 1 Gb/s network. Being hosted on a new server, Aclevo's new WIP (Work In Progress) website included many features from the previous website, as well as new features that were never seen in older versions. Sadly, with the downfall of the SFC-Aclevo Merger, this version of the website was downsized many times until it turned into rubbish, becoming very boring with almost all of the pages removed.

The current version of the website uses OctoberCMS and is hosted by TheCodingGuy in Orangeburg, South Carolina. It is currently run on a Raspberry Pi running PHP7 and OctoberCMS. Many pages such as the series and department pages have returned in this version of the website. There has been a major overhaul of the website such as the new start page and also adds a lot more content that makes us look alive. The theme is based on the Bootstrap 4 Templates which can be found at https://startbootstrap.com. The Apply page has been removed from the website because we have less of an emphasis on applying, but people can still join if they wish by contacting the owner. 

Logo History

Logos from our artifact center.

We've had many logos over the past three years of providing services to the disabled. We recovered them from our artifacts and decided to display them there for those who want to learn more about our history. Please feel free to read their backstories if you are interested.


Image - Aclevo-Transparent Background.png

The first ever logo that was ever created included a grey person with a green shirt holding a grey ball with the company's text in a green Neuropol font. It was found deep in the archives in some uncategorized folder; the owner thought he had actually lost the logo until he was relieved to have found it. This special piece was used on some of the alpha versions of the Aclevo Website. The man represents the youth and freshness of Aclevo. Him playing with a ball represents that he is fit, just like how Aclevo is because it was so new at the time. It was created on November 21st, 2015, and was used until it was replaced.

Image - Aclevo A.png

This was the second logo after the first one was discontinued on December 6th, 2015. The logo resembles the letter "A" without a line in between it, with the other letters sitting roughly on the right curve. This "A" represented a peak of a mountain where the entirety of the organization met. This would later be the basis for all of the logos designs. It was used during one of the alpha stages of the website. At this stage, no one really knew about Aclevo nor what it was about yet. In fact, Reasonably Selenium was the only member of the organization at this point.

Image - Aclevo - Logo.png

The blue circle design for the logo was first introduced in its third generation on December 24th, 2015. The owner wanted simplicity in his logos, therefore causing him to make his logos flatter inside colored circles. The peak idea from the earlier logo was maintained. Some could say this is the first modern logo of Aclevo for several reasons. For one, it is the first to introduce the blue circle design. For two, there were no members other than Reasonably Selenium before this logo, and therefore no one else would recognize the previous ones. For three, the logo represented the major growth era where we were getting a major head start and expanding rapidly.

As Aclevo started to grow and become bigger, it's professionality started to come into question. The peak design of the previous logo was not a good representation of this. As a result, Aclevo introduced this new simplified design of the peak on July 24th, 2016. This would be the most popular of the blue circle designs until the new design superseded the rest later on. It represented Aclevo during its good classical times until the last blue circle design was put into place.

Image - discord-aclevo.png

The final blue circle design logo was introduced on December 27th, 2016. This marked the end of the high peak mountain in the Aclevo logos. Instead, a circle letter "A" was used for the logo with the middle line having a bit of wave. This is one of the only logos to not be designed by the owner. It was actually designed by one of the members in Aclevo, Reesehan Schavinchez. The unnecessary smoothness of the logo itself caused a bit of glow, which in turn, caused some members to dislike this version. It wasn't even shown on the Aclevo Websites after 2017.

Image - aclevo.png

The new logo was officially enacted on April 1st, 2017. The idea actually started as an April's Fool joke, but everyone liked it so much that the organization kept the beautiful masterpiece. It was created to represent all of Aclevo working together in order to make a better community. It is made of 4 circles, each with a different color representing different departments. Parts of the circles were removed and unified, making the logo look somewhat like a dolphin. The symbolism of the dolphin represents tranquility, security, resurrection, and cooperation; which is Aclevo's main mission as an organization.

We've Been Noticed

We've been seen in quite a few places. Here are just some of the areas we've been mentioned.