Welcome To Aclevo

We are a community-oriented Autism Rights, Advocacy,
and Content Creation Group founded in September
 of 2015 by Reasonably Selenium. Click below
 to learn more information.

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What We Do

Creating Content, Innovation, and Collaboration is our Tradition!

We work on making cool content for our social media platforms. Whether it be videos, blog posts, music, artwork, or other forms of content; Aclevo strives to engage its viewers with good talent so that our fans come back for fun every time. We also sometimes live stream on our Twitch and YouTube channels. Reasonably Selenium, the owner of Aclevo sometimes hosts Quiplash sessions that contain great quality memes that make people want to return for the laughs.

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Our Projects

Check out the awesome things we've created!

Aclevo wouldn't be where it is today without it's projects. Whether it be improvements to an existing product, a spoof made to entertain viewers, or just some idea we pulled from the jackbox; we've poured our hearts out in order to entertain our fans. Check out the stuff we've been working on and be sure to give us feedback.

NovaX Bootstrap Theme

Need a theme for your website that will make it go out of this world? You've come to the right place.

React OS: XP Edition

Imagine if ReactOS was made to look more like Windows XP? Well here comes your dream come true.

Our Series

Check out the awesome things we've recorded!

Aclevo wouldn't be where it is today without it's series either. Our videos have brought us our fans and encouraged people to stick with Aclevo, as well as spotlighted who we are as a team. Just watch these yourself and see what we have to offer.

WaterShine Productions Reuploads

Take a blast to the past and experience WaterShine Productions Videos on the Aclevo YouTube Channel. Score some jewels with Bejeweled 2, build a city in SimCity200, and maybe check out our other random picks we've made.

KGB Director Vlad Reacts

Ready to jump into some corny videos? Watch as KGB Director Vlad and his friend react to some of the craziest videos on the internet.

Minecraft Mining

Watch as Reasonably Selenium heads to the mines to work on a TrainCraft base. Only on the Railway Craft Minecraft Server.

Minecraft Railfailing

Get ready, because you're about to experience the best rail-failing one could ever experience. Be sure to bring your armor because we're going on a train ride!

Our Social Medias

Come and hang around with us some time.

Here is just eight of our social media platforms that we use to engage with our audience. We have so many others, but we decided that these are the top social platforms you should check out. We have some goodies over on the other side when you take a look.

*Our Public Discord and Steam have been discontinued.

Our Top Board Staff

Our Fine Captains are on the deck to serve!

We are a team of hard-working staff that manages the internals of Aclevo. We make sure that you get the best content when they want it, how they want it. We also make sure that our members serve those who need support and need advocating in this oppressed world we live in. We're the people to contact in case of any issues that arise.

Reasonably Selenium

Chief Executive Officer, Founder, Owner

Reasonably Selenium is the CEO and Founder of Aclevo. His job is to make sure everyone is happy and successful and helps people whenever they need him for things.


Executive President, Website Operator

TheCodingGuy, also known as Matt, is the current Executive President and Website Operator of Aclevo. He currently hosts the website and makes sure the Board, including the Members, does what they are supposed to do.



Dottanarus is one of the board members at Aclevo. He helps make sure everyone is happy and having fun.


TKRS Owner/Operator

FairPlay137 is the owner of the ТКРС. It is the subsidiary/department of Aclevo that focuses on TTS content.


Zarvox Bot Operator, Minecraft Server Operator

TheROFL98 is an operator at Aclevo. Coming over from the TKPC, he manages the Zarvox Nadeko Bot on our Discord Servers and hosts our Minecraft server.