Hello everyone, and welcome back to Aclevo. I'm the founder and owner, Reasonably Selenium, and we have some great updates for you all. Be sure to stay tuned to learn out what's been going on, what's in store, and what you missed. There's a lot that's happened between the 6 months since the time we were acquired by Dorper, and we feel it's important for everyone to know what happened to us at that time.

Our Achievements Of The Past

Ever since 2015, Aclevo has been uniting people around the world to work together and make cool things. With over fifty overall members that have come and gone, Aclevo has been known for it's long history of encouraging people to express themselves and their inner talent to make the world a better place. We have encouraged those who were and are in difficult times to find an outlet of content creation to, in return, create hope for those who need it and distract those from their pain they experience in real life. We, therefore, have helped those with depression from turning to something that hurt or kill them in the end.

Of course, that's not the only thing that Aclevo has done to help and support people as a whole. We've also work with people to work toward their personal goals, whether it's learning to produce great videos, snapping good photos, making great music, and teaching media skills in today's modern world of technology. In reponse, they have the means to go out into the real world and establish a great career in what they love to do. Reaching those goals benefits not only our community, but the entire Earth in general, reducing poverty and giving people a means to work together for the better of all of us.

Dorper Acquisation & Comeback

Around six to seven months ago, our website started to redirect to the Dorper Website. This is because we were acquired by Dorper during that time. According to a blog post on Dorper's Website, Aclevo had been acquired by Dorper at that time. However, with a special agreement between both of me and Dorper's owner, Carver, we were able to restore full condition and services provided we added a backlink somewhere on the website. We absolutely thank them for allowing us to restore full ownership and become a family again. But why would Aclevo be given away to Dorper in the first place? There were a few reasons that this action was required at the time.

One of the reasons for the necesity of Aclevo's acquisation into Dorper is because I was unable to preside during the time. Due to a few personal issues going on in my life, I was simply unable to stabily control the group at that time. I was simply too occupied to be able to successfully control it, and therefore had to give it to someone. Besides this, Aclevo had unsuccessfully been in another merger which caused instability in the group. While we wish to explain what happened, the appropriate group manager for that organization would like to maintain anonymity about the situation.

What's Next?

At this time, we are currently focusing on rebuilding the website to a stable condition. We are also working on specifics that are unable to be released at this time. We wish to continue any projects and series that are appropriate for the restart of our family, however it is not currently the top priority as the website at this time. This is to ensure our website will be available in a presentable manner. We promise to start releasing new content once we are ready to do so, but we ask that our viewers be patient so we can ensure that we are able to stand on our two feet, so to speak.

Anyone is free to offer assistance to our group if they wish to do so. Here is a link to the contact form to submit a request. We appreciate those with web programming experience to volunteer for us so we can focus on our other content. Please allow up to 3 business days for a reply from our staff to consider your request. We appreciate your patience and are delighted to gain more support to keep us afloat. Another way to support us is to give feedback, donating (not available yet, perhaps soon), and spreading the word about us to increase our viewership. Even just sharing this article is a great way to help us out in the long run, to make sure people find this article and check us out. While is it not required, we thank you for deciding to assist us in any way you all can.


We are very excited to be back together as a family and to unite people around the world together to make a difference. We hope to inspire people like never before to create content and to help spread happiness and unity among all peoples, no matter who you are as a person. Supporting others and making a difference brings happiness to those who really need it. Aclevo's main goal is to bring people together to create a great community, and to give them hope to create content and show the world their inner talents.

Thanks for reading this article and giving us your support. Please feel free to share this article with your friends, and spread the news that Aclevo is back for good this time.