Posted in Šalfé's Life on Dec 19, 2017

Šalfé Watson’s Life - Greetings

Joseph Watson is the fursona of Jožin Watson

My name is Šalfé (Shalfey) Watson, and I am a 21 year old double-tailed lion who officially represents who Aclevo is, or at least I think. I heard Selenium was in the talks of replacing me with a cat because they represent the Autistic Community better than lions can. “Hey! I am the best mascot for Aclevo. I represent Reasonably Selenium the best. My blue-white hair makes me Aclevo-worthy,” Joseph Watson says as he interrupts me. “Joseph, or as I should call you, Jožin; do you really think your feline characteristics are going to let you take my place as mascot? Like seriously, with inspiration from the Czech Lion and the true Aclevo colors…” I say before I get interrupted again. “You mean that hair you intentionally spray-painted to look like me? Also your story sounds like it was stolen so...”

Let’s get this myth out of the way... People say I’m a ripoff of someone else. Then again people say that for all of us Watsons under the Aclevo name. We are not ripoffs! Part of our inspiration comes from the famous John H. Watson, the famous sidekick of Sherlock Holmes. Other sources of inspiration come from Reasonably Selenium and what he suffered through life. As far as cats concerned, he decided to use them as characters because he found similar traits/characteristics with both them and Autistic people. Many articles support and verify these theorems in fact. Of course, to top it off the Aclevo colors are used to promote the philosophies and policies.

“Achem… While it may be true that this hair I have is spray-painted blue and that I am a ripoff, you have to take a look at it from your perspective. People may find you to be a ripoff too. We’re both on the same boat here, pal.” I reply back, trying to keep my anger in check so I don’t blow. After a few moments of thoughts and silence, he replies back, “You know what… You’re right. I’m sorry if I was giving you a hard time. We should appreciate the fact that we are who we are instead of judging each other.” “It’s okay to be who you want to be. I honestly don’t mind if Reasonably Selenium makes you the mascot instead of me. I could always help out on the side, and maybe perhaps get a chance somewhere else to shine.”.

“That’s the spirit!” Reasonably Selenium says as he walks up to the both of us. “I know you’re a bit sad that I’m changing the mascot to Joseph, but that’s no reason to give up on another position. We always have some position available for you, whether it’s starring in KGB Logo Blooper’s series or riffing in our KGB Riff series. You also have your series on our website that you star in.”. “That’s very good to hear. I can’t wait to see what other opportunities are available for me since Joseph is going to be taking over. Wish him the best luck as the new mascot.”

“Thanks Šalfé.” he says, and then with Reasonably Selenium they go work on finalizing the changes to make him a good mascot. He may get his own story on this blog later on, but I do know my story definitely needs to be told. I have a lot to share about myself and I can’t wait! I have to go on lunch break now but I’ll write again soon, hopefully. Stay tuned!