Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Dec 15, 2017

With Sage (TheRealSFC)’s departure from Aclevo, all of the SFC branding is going to rest. The blog posts are being transferred over to a new blog by The SFC Group, hosted on Blogger. The SFC-Aclevo is being reverted back to just “Aclevo”. The intro/outro is being changed to not infringe The SFC Group’s. We are evolving into the Autism Civil Rights and Advocacy Group that we were always supposed to be. With this, there’s going to be a lot of changes taking place in order to make Aclevo great again and let us flourish like never before.

What's Coming

We are making a new series called "Life with the Watsons". There will be more details about it later in 2018. We will also be working on a new series called RandOS. Consider this series something like The Computer Clan’s Spoof OS series with Windows Crap Edition. We're also planning to make more videos on our YouTube channel so we can remain active and get to the 10k public view requirement.

Along with this, we will also be reviving the TKPC and acquiring it into Aclevo. This will allow us to make TTS videos on the Aclevo Channel. This means we will be able to brand the Funny Ubuntu Errors series as ours. There will also be another series known as KGB Director Vlad Reacts coming out as well. We will also see some changes to the series that will not be featured in this blog post. Please stay tuned for more information as we unveil the new Aclevo standard.

Membership Policies Update & Changes

We will be updating our membership policies soon as we are changing the requirements to become an Aclevo Member because of Sage’s departure. This includes restricting who can join Aclevo, enforcing Google Adsense and YouTube Monetization policies on members, restructuring the board to focus on being a group instead of an organization, and establishing new reward systems to help people work hard. This means we will be abolishing the old date-based deadlines with more lenient ones, allowing members to focus on making content instead of rushing to push a new release out. It also means that our Discord Server will now have new features not previously seen on our previous ones. Details will be unveiled later in 2018.

With this in mind, we are currently in the process of acquiring Deleno and Treehouse back into Aclevo. MaxTheCerberus, the previous president of both services, had to step down because of personal reasons. This left both of these groups almost in anarchy as there was no Vice President or other representative other than Reasonably Selenium, the current owner of Aclevo. We expect that Deleno and Treehouse will be part of Aclevo again by the first quarter of 2018 when a new President is elected. Because of this, staff from these two groups will be able to vote in the election this time.


Aclevo is going to made great again in 2018. The unification of the TKPC, Deleno, Treehouse, and Aclevo into one big group will help us reach our new potential to make good content. Our branding will be changed to reflect the end of SFC-Aclevo, reverting back to Aclevo. We will rise from the dead and come back as a powerful beast that no one wants to mess with, and it will be beautiful. What is there to lose? Let’s work together to produce a bright and outstanding 2018!