Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Jan 24, 2018

Dear all Aclevians and To Whom It May Concern;

As of the release of this blog post, we will be discontinuing our Project Take Two, Nen Watson, WIPdows, and Cymon spoofs. We will also modify our "Life with the Watsons" content to add uniqueness to our content. Our current content currently violates the copyrights and trademarks of "Ducky Ducklett" and has caused multiple forms of damage to them instead of furfilling our true intents. We will be explaining what our true intents and the actions we will be taking in the upcoming days to attempt as much damage as possible.

Our True Intents

For those who did not know, Reasonably Selenium, the current owner of Aclevo, had a crush on Ducky Ducklett. He wanted to make them happy by reviving their content and artwork in a way that would help them with the problems they are suffering in life. In the end, he wanted them to be happy with themselves. However, this actually turned into a nightmare causing drama and further problems. We realized we made such a horrible mistake stealing things that aren't ours, and we apologize for all the damage we've done.

Our staff have confirmed that "Ducky Ducklett" already has a boyfriend and probably doesn't have any interest in Reasonably Selenium at all, especially after the damage he caused to them. While we wish to keep his true feelings for/about them confidental for his interest, we have seen a increase of panic attacks, depression, and anxiety from him in the past few months, which really worries us because he may be heavily emotionally impacted by this. We will be working with him to prevent any further problems and helping him make a good recovery.

What's Next?

We will attempt to reverse as much damage as possible that affected all parties of this situation. This includes removing all tweets that are related to the revival controversy, taking down or modifying certain content to add uniqueness and originality, cancelling and deleting any unoriginal content infriging the original copyrights, and removing any references to any threats or plans to perform unjustifiable behaviors related to this case. We really do not want to cause any drama or problems here. However, Reasonably Selenium must not only understand to accept reponsibility for what he has done, but also that Ducky Ducklett does not want to be with him no matter how hard it is to understand.

We ask that our apology be accepted and that we do not see any further conflicts so we can work with our members peacefully without having to worry about being attacked. Thank you for reading this letter and we hope everyone is happy. If you have any questions, concerns, or comments, please feel free to either leave them in the comments below or contact one of our executives privately.


The Aclevo Board