Posted in Ripley on Feb 09, 2018

Ripley The Abused

At least once in Ripley's entire life

there was those who harmed their passion.

But it was their parents who were like a knife

who cut straight into their soul without compassion.

It was both of them, and their great prideful might

that swallowed them undividedly into this depression.

They took away all their liberties and rights,

and fed them with impurity, hatred, and aggression.

In their mind they encoded their own philosophies for their sights,

prioritizing their number one rule: accession without thought.

We start off with their father, a truthfully abusive alcoholic

who prevented them from purity, and forced them to fully conform.

He manipulated Ripley into drinking, and brung in unsymbolic virtues

and took them to places in where he would make them feel malformed.

Whether it was the roller coasters that made them feel abused,

or to the place where the bands that he really liked performed.

It was this, among a few other things, that mostly bruised

their emotions, and with those unforgiving evil powers had turned

them upside down. It sadly gave their enemies the great applaud.

Along with this, we have the father's evilest sidekick

who instead of making pain with emotions, used alternative methods.

She would beat them badly with her great giantic stick

and would embed horrifically red marks, painfully dented into them.

They thankfully escaped before she started to throw bricks

but they still came out to be horribly hurt and also made negative.

But this man that I describe couldn't pick any other hot chick

from him he could make his wishes and what he thinks are benefits.

Then we have whether or not real or fake, their friends.

These people make them hang out with them and become outgoing.

To all their houses, they would schedule and go attend.

Sometimes, the experience they got with their friends was unknowing

because they could do anything, and they would go blend in.

But no matter how the friendships went, they were ongoing

and they would keep on making to their schedule amends

except for that man who appeared to be really broken, and hard spoken.

But what about that broken and hard-spoken man y'all might ask.

Well, to them he didn't deserve to be seen as someone who cared.

He isn't the man who wear the "I'm a caring and mature person!" mask.

But there is someone that he really is, no matter if he was or is scared.

Is it really that much of a simple... No, it's really not a simple task.

But it's rather something I'd rather sit here and write about than be dared.

I'd consider it to be way too, as I see it, drastic

to go and try to fix them myself - as I'm really not even considered a bear.

Plus, they're already ignoring me. To them, I'm a piece of darn plastic.