Posted in Ripley on Feb 07, 2018

Ripley: The Normie???

In the mirror that Ripley had looked through

was the sight of a girl that looked like an emo.

A bunch of tattoos and piercings upon them accrue.

and a bunch of makeup that to them, made them glow.

All these additions and modifications made them look new.

But on the other hand, it looked something like their foe.

Is this really what it looks like to be normal these days?

To them, it's as long as they fit in and really conform.

For them, it's everyone else's wishes were their craze.

So their true self, their individuality they malformed.

This turned them into what they're supposed to be today.

This, for the others, was part of their true art form.

Or so they thought, as they stared into the poor reflection

of what the future they thought had entailed for this woman.

So their friends would look into them, and think with affection.

The rejection of great liberty, and oppression made them a cushion

of others, peer pressure telling them what to do without protection.

All of this, it really led off this style with it's great impression.