Posted in Ripley on Feb 06, 2018

Ripley: The Artist

Once upon a time, there was a girl named Ripley.

Who lived in their own comfortable world.

Their world was filled with all types of silly,

apart from her beauty, which she was a great pearl.

That was their great fantastic gain

which filled them with great joy when they were in pain.

All this they would draw with magic, and the great wand.

Called by their name, they opened and pulled from the great pond

and of course their magical ball, which they controlled them.

All of their paradise, everything and everyone was fond.

This was one of the many of their precious gems,

banded together into one, handed from them to the world to see.

To the world they set their dreams and their hopes free.

Everyone would gather around her to come and see

the magic that they would go ahead and release.

But none would ever go and destroy their artwork,

except for the evil bullies and demons inside of them.

Some were those very manipulative men,

who forced them to change from their lifestyle and their penwork.

Today, they are simply, no strings attached, a normie

who hangs out with friends and lives an outside world.

Sponsored and endorsed by the Extraverted Normal Army,

Who they used to be as really gone by the wayside.

They've become what everyone wanted them to, a hardy.

Change that'll never come back, something I've clarified.

But even then to write this I say I am unqualified.

But how did they even become this way,

and how did they lose their own personal traits?

I don't know if I have the exact answer, I'm afraid.

But I may be able to give you my piece of the bait.

Sure, for me it could be a, well, very bad trade...

But I've already accepted that part of my fate.