Posted in Aclevo Blogs, Uncategorized on Feb 11, 2018

Dear The Computer Clan:

We have recently read your Tumblr blog post regarding the status of Ken's Cinema of Shenanigans. We are very happy to hear the show is returning and can't wait to see new releases to the series. We understand that it takes a lot of time and effort to produce this, and we would like to give our two suggestions to help ease costs and bring new attention with our ideas.

Idea #1: Make The Series Animated

Ever since we seen the series on air for the first time, we've always wanted to see an animated version of this magnificent show. Animating it would cost less than securing a video production studio, and it would require less time to produce the episodes. This could make the show stand out to what MST3K has on the table. We also bet that one of the contributers in the clan could easily help out with this for a cheap price, possibly for free.

Idea #2: Change The Main Character

We have seen in one of the episodes that you have made a sexual furry fandom reference, and we honestly applaud you for the joke. At Aclevo, a lot of Aclevians (Aclevo Members) are into furries, and it gave us a good idea for the series in general. If the series does get animated sometime in the future (hopefully the not too distant future), we would like for the main character, Ken Wilson, to be replaced with an anthromorphic animal, possibly a cat. This would help differentiate this series from MST3K more, and it would make other people from the fandom very happy.


We are very excited to see Ken's Cinema of Shenanigans finally making a comeback after a year or so of hiatus. We are also excited to hear of the new changes coming to the series and the new ideas your producers have in store. We would love to help out as best as possible, and we hope that our two ideas are satisfactory for consideration. We'd love for our ideas to be heard in front of the team. Please feel free to let us know what you think of it as well, and we'll catch you in... the not too distant future.

Peace out,

The Aclevo Staff Team