Posted in Ripley on Feb 05, 2018

Imagine a young woman lost in a crowd of misery where everyone is normal and you are different, and you want to keep being different. All your problems from the inside echo upon you, telling you to conform and be like everyone else. They want you to go against your inner-philosophies and want you to be normal. But what if you don't want to be normal? Ripley is a young woman who represents the traumatic stress Reasonably Selenium has gone through in his life that has caused him to suffer, except it’s a whole lot worse. A pessimistic view of life, they show who Reasonably Selenium really is on the inside and why he feels the way he feels today, and why his philosophies matter to him.

Inspired by Issac from McJuggerNugget’s “My Virtual Escape” series, Ripley goes through a lot of personal traumatic stress that causes them to have anxiety, depression, and a few other problems. The inner-philosophies they have including Anti-Conformism, Individualism, and Purism get crushed as people change them into a new person entirely. They hide their emotions to become just like everyone else, a normal person. They even hide their emotions from their boyfriend in order to make sure that they are seen as normal. If that surprises you, be sure to stay tuned for more posts about Ripley.

If you have any ideas for this new series, please be sure to leave a comment down below. We've love to hear your feedback on how to make this awesome. Of course, Reasonably Selenium is still planning to keep his story his own way so that no one changes the meaning of it. Keep in mind that this story can be hard to write because it focuses on the stresses deep within that he had to deal with. Pulling those up is traumatic for him, but he feels that letting people see who is truthfully is is necessary for everyone to know about him as an individual.