Posted in Aclevo Blogs, My True Soulmate on Nov 28, 2017

Introduction - My True Soulmate


My True Soulmate is a story written by Reasonably Selenium about him and his true soulmate while in college. Almost being twins, they have many abilities they use to support one another. With both of them having similar struggles in their past, they each share their stories and learn to better understand each other. (The struggles and troubles that Reasonably Selenium had will also have their own blog post on the blog under My Troubles & Struggles.) They also help each other when times get bad.


Earlier in the year, Reasonably Selenium was working on a similar series: Making My Heterosexual Twin. While both series focus on his Heterosexual Twin, or much rather his true soulmate; My True Soulmate focuses on the bond and relationship between the two of them more equally rather than focusing on Reasonably Selenium himself. His true soulmate is living life with him instead of "waiting to be created". This allows reader to be able to fully connect with both characters individually, even though they heavily rely on each other to be happy and are seen living together. This also allows both characters to learn about each other more rather than one character knowing everything about the other (even though they are almost twins).

Release Schedule Plans

Reasonably Selenium plans to post each chapter as it's own seperate blog post. He currently does not have a release schedule but he plans to post at least one chapter per month of his work.

There will be a guarentee of at least one blog post per month as necessary and a maximum of one blog post per day. Do not expect me to post more than one blog post per day as these stories take time to form and I'm the only one working on this for right now. Expect updates on SFC-Aclevo's Twitter at @SFC_Aclevo to get notifications on when new posts come out. ~ Reasonably Selenium

Expect the first chapter of this series to be released soon on this blog. Starting today, readers will be able to find this series easily on the navbar, as well as other series such as My Troubles and Struggles and also our partner's blog posts: The SFC Group Blog Posts.

Thanks for reading and we'll see you next time.