Posted in Aclevo Blogs, Technology on Jul 17, 2017

Hello everyone!

I am the newest member of Aclevo. I recently signed up for this job, and so far my experience is GREAT! I mean the people who work here are funny. (at least the owner). I am very happy to start working here. Anyway, enough of this, it's time for me!

Hi, I'm Matthew, formerly TheCodingGuy (on Discord)!

Like I said, I'm proud to get enrolled here, but I must talk a little about myself so everyone can get to know me better. I am Matthew, and well, I am a web designer, and web developer. (You could check out my website:, but formerly I own a small company (TMC Inc.,) since 2008, but I decided to join as a web developer helper. I am American and also a joker. I like making puns (like Sans from Undertale). I try to use grammar, but I guess right now, screw grammar. Anyhoo, I also do technical support (as part of my company). and I enjoy that too. Finally, I would like to say, I hope everyone has a GREAT TIME here on Aclevo.

Good night (or day) to all,

Contact me?

E-mail: [email protected]

Phone number: (803)-262-0617

Or you contact me on the Discord server! Cool!