Inanimatics! EP2 - A Sticky Situation

by Aclevo Staff

Posted in Scerci Media , on Sep 20, 2018

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

Inside the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel...

Bella: reading a comic book

Blue Heart comes downstairs and sits beside Bella Hey.

Bella: Oh hi there. You gotta look at this comic!

Blue: looks at the comic

Bella: Cool right?

Blue: I didn't know there were living bushes.....

Windows 3.1: comes downstairs holding a bucket of paste

Blue: Hey, Win.

Win: Hey there, Blue. Hi, Bella.

Bella: What do you have that bucket of paste for?

Win: Oh, just gonna decorate my room.

Blue: With what?

Win: Oh, the usual...colored paper, pictures...

Bella: You're gonna turn your room into a kindergartners' classroom?

Win: What? Course not. Why would I?

Blue: Weeeell, it's 'cause usually kindergartners' rooms have colored paper shapes and pictures all over their walls know, all that colorful stuff.

Win: Well not all kindergartners' rooms have colorful stuff all over their walls.

Bella: We know.

Blue: Is that paste quick-drying?

Win: Yep.

Billy: comes over to the three Hey guys. What are you up to?

Win: Just going off to buy stuff to decorate my room.

Billy: Oh, alright.

Bella: turns a page of her comic book Hey, check this one out!

Billy: Oh, nice comic.

Bella: Especially the puppy eyes! :D

Blue: comes near Bella to look at the comic

Suddenly all of the people in the Discord Lodge, including Bella, Billy and Blue Heart, hear a scream

Blue: Who was that?

Then the three see Windows on the floor with the bucket of paste on him

Blue: Win! You okay?

Red Ball: comes Who was that?

Blue: It's Windows!

Red: What happened to him?

Blue: He slipped and fell, and his bucket of paste fell on him!

Red: Why does he have a bucket of paste?

Bella: He was gonna use it to decorate his room and make it look like a kindergartners' classroom.

Win: Mmmmmph! (Not a kindergartners' classroom!)

Blue: What? Didya say something?

Win: Mmmmmmmmmph! (I said not a kindergartners' classroom!)

Blue: What are you saying?

Bella: Why's he saying "mmmph"?

Blue: That's what I'm wondering too.

Win: Mmmph mmmmph mmmmph! (It's the paste!)

Blue: Seriously, what IS he saying?

Billy: I think it's cause of the paste.

Blue: Hmmm...You're right!

Bella: Why doesn't he haul himself up?

Billy: I think it's the paste as well.

Blue: tries lifting Windows up, but can't because of the paste Right again, Billy.

Win: Mmmmph mmmph mmmph! (You have to get me unstuck!)

Billy: I think he's saying you have to get him unstuck.

Bella: But how can we do that?

Blue: With a scraper perhaps? turns to Red Ball Hey, you have a scraper?

Red: Sorry, no scraper.

Blue: Dang.

Bella: (calling) Do any of you have a scraper?

Youtube Orb: I have one, but Two-Handled Teacup borrowed it from me.

Blue: Anyone else?


Blue: Okay, I guess no one does.

Win: Mmmmph mmmmph?! (Now what?!)

Bella: Now how do we get him free?

Blue: Hold on...I'm thinking...

Billy: What is it?

Blue: Just a sec...Aha!

Bella: What is it, Blue?

Blue: starts picking at the sides of the dried-up glue on Windows

Win: Mmmph mmph? (What are you doing?)

Blue: Keep still, Win, I'm trying to get you free. keeps picking at the glue

Win: Mmmmph mmmph. Mmmmmph! (I AM keeping still. I can't even move!)

Blue: Can anyone help me here?

Bella: Sure thing, Blue Heart. also starts picking at the glue You should help too, Billy.

Billy: Oh, alright. also starts picking at the glue

Red: It'll take you so much time to get all that glue off him.

Blue: It's the only way we can help him at the moment, Red, considering the only one here with a scraper had someone borrow it from her.

Bella: Also, you mind givin' us a hand?

Blue: somehow manages to pick some of the glue off one of Windows' "hair" There. Got part of him free now. *suddenly has an idea and then snaps off the hair, then uses it to scrape the glue off)

Two-Handled Teacup: (calling from upstairs) Here's your scraper, Youtube Orb. Sorry if I used it for too long. tosses the scraper at Youtube Orb

Youtube Orb: catches it Thanks, Two-Handled Teacup.

Two-Handled Teacup: No problem. comes downstairs and sees Blue Heart, Bella and Billy scraping off the glue on Windows Any idea what these three are up to this time?

Youtube Orb: They're trying to get Windows free because he slipped, fell and his bucket of paste fell on him, and now he got into this mess.

Two-Handled Teacup: Why does he have a bucket of paste?

Blue: Because he was going to decorate his room.

Two-Handled Teacup: Why would he decorate his room?

Bella: I dunno. I think it looked better before.

Blue: Hey, Youtube Orb, can we borrow your scraper?

Youtube Orb: Again? But THT just gave it back...

Billy: It's the only way.

Youtube Orb sigh Okay... gives the scraper to Blue Heart

Blue: Thaank you. takes the scraper from Youtube Orb's hand and continues scraping the glue off Windows

Win: Mmmmmph mmmph? (How long will I have to keep still?)

Blue: We gotta be quick. Windows is probably dying to get free now.

Red: Can't you just peel the glue off?

Bella: You can't just peel this sort of glue off.

Blue: It's superglue.

Red: Oh.

Bella: So can you give us a hand here? I asked you a while ago.

Red: Alright. flies over to the three and starts picking the glue off

Coco Custard: (whispering to Mint E. Jiggle from afar) Are we seriously gonna watch three phonies and the owner try to get a piece of software free?

Billy: I think Windows is probably planning to try to heave himself up and peel all the glue off by himself...

Bella: But he can't do that, since he's stuck to the ground.

Then the Discord Lodge door opens

Blue: Oh, I wonder who that could be?

Fiona Frosting: (trying to push Berry Slushie inside) Come on, Berry Slushie...pant pant get...pant inside!

Bella: (calling) Hey, Fiona. Whatcha doing?

Fiona Frosting: I'm...pant...trying to...pant...get Berry Slushie...pant pant...inside...You?

Blue: We're just trying to get Windows free. No big deal.

Win: Mmmmmph mmmmph! (It IS a big deal!)

Fiona: (somehow managed to get her breath back) Who's saying "mmmph"?

Bella: Oh, that's Windows, but he can't speak properly and can only say "mmmph".

Fiona: What happened?

Blue: He was gonna turn his room into a kinde--I mean decorate his room.

Fiona: How did he get himself into this mess?

Billy: He had a bucket of paste with him.

Fiona: How did a bucket of paste get him into that mess?

Blue: He slipped and fell and the bucket of paste fell on him and now he's stuck to the ground.

Fiona: Oh, I see. (goes back to pushing Berry Slushie in) Now, come on, get...inside! successfully manages to push Berry Slushie in the Discord Lodge, only for her to topple over and spill all her contents out

Berry Slushie: Aaaaaaah!

Everyone (except Windows) : gasps

Blue: Look out! Smoothie flood!

Bella: Yikes!

Billy: Ruuuuuun!

Red: We better get out of here! takes Bella, Billy and Blue Heart by the hand

Blue: But what about Windows?! He can't run from the smoothie flood because he's-- cut off because the flood was upon her and the other 4 as well as the others living in the Discord Lodge

Blue: swims up to the surface, breathing hard Hello? Is anyone alright?


Blue: Hellooooo?

Bella: floats up to the surface and catches her breath Aaah...much better. looks around Where are Red Ball and Billy?

Billy: floats up Over here.

Bella: Oh, hey.

Blue: Where's Red Ball?

Red: Up here.

Blue: looks up Oh, hello. waves

Bella: Well, we found Red and Billy... but...but where's Windows?!

Blue: You're right! puts her hands to her mouth Hellooooooooooo! Windooooows?!

Win: comes up to the surface and catches his breath

Blue: Win! You're alright!

Bella: And look! You're free!

Win: And I can say actual words again! Yay! puts his hands up in the air

Then the rest of the people come up to the surface

Red: Phew...glad everyone's safe.

Then the flood suddenly goes out of the door

Blue: Whoa!

Fiona: Sorry, had to open the door.

Win: Phew, glad we're on solid land again.

Fiona: Berry Slushie! runs to the empty glass that was once Berry Slushie Are you okay?

Berry Slushie: trying to breathe

Fiona: Hold on, Berry, I'll refill you! takes the empty glass by the straw and pulls her out of the Discord Lodge

Win: looks at the empty paste bucket Now I can't decorate my room anymore. And I wasted all my money!

Blue: Awww, that's okay, Win. puts her arm round him Your room already looks awesome. You don't have to change it.

Win: You...mean it?

Blue: Uh huh. nods

Bella: We don't want people mistaking it for a kindergartners' room.

Win: I said, it's not a kindergartners' room!

Bella: Oops.


GAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHHH I SPENT SOOOOOOOOOOOO MUCH TIME ON THISSSS AAAAAAAA okay. Sorry if the story was too long, I just wanted to make a longer story in case you thought the first episode was too short. Okay, so it's another adventure in the Discord Lodge, where it's not your usual hotel. I decided to bring back some of my old OCs which were nearly never used. One of them was from my old account! I also made a few characters which were not mine cameo in this episode! More cameos will be in the next episode.

Thanks for reading!

--- WinHearty

Red Ball, Blue Hearty, and other characters mentioned above are property of WinHearty. These blog posts were reposted with permission.

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