Inanimatics! EP1 - The Start

by Aclevo Staff

Posted in Scerci Media , on Sep 17, 2018

(Taken from WinHearty's DeviantArt page.)

NOTE: Before you proceed to read this, I just want you to know, this object show is not like any other. It doesn't have objects competing until one is left, no. It instead, is like these cartoons you see on TV. Okay, all I wanted to say, enjoy! :)

Blue Heart: fixing the camera Anyone listening? No? Alright. clears throat Name's Blue Heart, and I'm here to introduce you to the Discord Lodge.

(Inside the Discord Lodge)

Blue Heart: Okay, so we're here! The Discord Lodge, where I, along with other peeps, live! Let me show you around! *points camera to Windows 3.1) This is Windows, my Best Friend For Life and Sidekick! Say hi to the camera!

Windows: waves

Blue Heart: points camera at Red Ball, who is monitoring the whole Discord Lodge And this is Red Ball, the owner of the Discord Lodge!

Red Ball: Hey.

Blue Heart: Isn't he cuuuute???

Red Ball: Gah, don't get started.

Blue Heart: Isn't he a precious little thing???

Red Ball: I said don't get started.

Blue Heart: Come here, Red! Come heeere!

Red Ball: Aaaagghhh...I gotta get outta here, bye! runs off

Blue Heart: COME BACK HERE!!! chases after Red Ball

standby screen

BH: Sorry for that...hehehehe...anyway...moving on. points the camera at Bella, who is reading a comic book Now here's Bella, another one of my friends! (whispering) She's not a BFFLaS, but she has yet to be one. (back to normal voice) Say hiiiii!

Bella: Hello peeps!

BH: points the cam at Billy And here's Billy, Say hihihi.

Billy: Uhh..hi? I'm not used to being recorded...

BH: There are some other peeps which have yet to be introduced. But these 4 and I are the main 5! Well, we've reached the end, more next time! Bye! waves

(Sorry if it's really short, it's because I don't have ideas at the moment.)

Red Ball, Blue Hearty, and other characters mentioned above are property of WinHearty. These blog posts were reposted with permission.

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