Posted in My True Soulmate on Dec 03, 2017

Chapter 2 - My True Soulmate

"Morning, bab. It's time to get up. Don't want to be late for school." my soulmate says to me as they wake me up from my deep slumber. They give me a tight cuddle and a big kiss on the lips as I gain consciousness. "Hey there honey. How ya doing?". "Oh, I'm always good when I'm with you." they say, making a piggy sound. "Of couse, my cute precious piggy.". They giggle, "Aww, bab. Why don't you take Piggy for a walk to the cafeteria so they can be fed?". "Sure bab. Let's go have some breakfast." I said, and then we both got dressed and took off to the cafeteria.

As soon as we got to the cafeteria, there were more people than I expected to be there, and I get very uncomfortable when it comes to crowds. This caused me to start getting anxious, and my girlfriend started to feel the same way, but they catched it quickly and took us out of that situation before something bad happened, like a panic attack. Me and my girlfriend's feelings are very well synced with each other so we both know exactly what we feel all the time. I will talk about this more in the future. We cuddled each other up and brought each other back to Earth before we went to our first class. We would find another solution to the breakfast problem later.

Now, our school has made many accomodations because of our disabilities. One of them is that we get to sit at a table together. We actually get to sit close to each other so we can support each other as necessary. Another accomodation we would get is that we would get to leave five minutes early so that we wouldn't have to deal with the crowds. This way we won't have to worry about the anxiety attacks and mental breakdowns associated with it. Our teachers actually let us out earlier during lunch so we can easily get lunch and go eat in our dorm together.

However, one of the things they don't really accomodate for is fire alarms. Fire drills are one of the worst problems we both have with college. In fact, one of them happened today when we were working together on a class project. Both of us are highly sensitive to loud noises (and crowds), and it makes us both heavily anxious. Both of us had our fingers in our ears as we (as calmly as possible) exited the building and waited for the horrific experience to be over. Good thing they only happen occassionally.

After we got back into our dorm, we had yet another cuddle session. Usually cuddle sessions help us calm down after events that give us anxiety. It really helps us focus on each other instead of our problems and our struggles. "I love you, my precious cutie. You are the best girlfriend I could ever get." I say to my soulmate. "Aww... I love you too, bab. You're so nice and handsome and cuddly. I'm so glad you chose me over any other girl." they say back. "Come closer, bab. Let's kissy kissy together.". "Yea, bab. Let's cuddle up together and kiss.", and with that we kissed each other on the lips and held each other tightly.