Posted in My True Soulmate on Nov 29, 2017

Chapter 1 - My True Soulmate

It was another cold brisk morning as I woke up right next to the best girlfriend I could ever have. I smooched my face into their nice brown hair with pretty blonde highlights. They then woke up and turned toward me, revealing their gorgeous blue-green eyes and chubby puffy pale cheeks. "Morning bab. How ya doing?" they say as they reach in toward me and give me a kiss on the lips. "Doing good, cutie. How bout you?". "Oh, I'm always good when I'm with you, bab. You're the best.". We reached in to each other again for another flavorable kiss and a nice tight bear hug. Our tummies rumbled as she said, "Hey bab. You thinkin' what I'm thinkin'?" as they gave me a wink. "Of course, cutie. Let's get dressed and get some breakfast together.". We then got up and moved on our way.

As we walked in to the cateferia holding each other's hands we noticed very little people were there. "Good thing there's almost no one here. Great for just us two, huh?". "Yeah honey. Let's get munchin' before the others get here!". We ordered some hamburgers and fries, and then sat down at the first table. "Who knew they served lunch at this time of day?" they said. "I know right. It's so awesome!" I replied. "I have something more awesome once we get back to the dorm.". "Oh really? Tell me what it is!". "Just you wait and see, bab." they said as they put down her food on the table and scootched up a chair right next to mine, pulling up their nice tight jeans and sitting right next to me. They also give me a wink.

After we got back to the dorm, we had a nice cuddle session together, talking about our future together and what our goals are. "I'm looking to write books about people with my disabilities.", I said. "You mean our disabilities." they replied. "Yeah cutie, and perhaps you could help me by drawing some characters.". "Yeah, bab. We could become famous teaching other people about what we went through as children!". "Yeah, and we can share what we went through with each other and learn to better support each other.". "I've love to learn more about you, bab. I know you've already told me about alot of stuff but I'd love to learn more.". "You too, cutie. I love you.". "Aw... I love you too, bab." they said as we kissed each other on the lips.