Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Nov 27, 2017

With the SFC-Aclevo Merger coming to an end, Aclevo will be heading in a new direction as it recovers from a major downscaling. Sadly, this means The SFC Group will be independent from us, however we will still remain partners for as long as we can. But because of this, many changes are expected to take effect in the future as 2017 comes to a close. This will be a big game changer on our end.

We’re Downscaling (Heavily)

As you might have seen, the Disabled Communities was abruptly discontinued. This was caused by Reasonably Selenium having some personal issues going on in his life. As a result, the TKPC was shut down, spin offs related to Project Take Two and WIPdows were canceled, both Celestial Software and Espera Interactive were moved to The SFC Group and merged into a new branch called PhobiX, and because of that many members have been laid off. Relationships have been severed with a few people, especially with The SFC Group because of the merger failing. This has caused a lot of damage on our end but it was necessary that we made these changes for the better.

The New Plan

At this point, we are working to restructure the entirety of what is now SFC-Aclevo. The current plan is to convert the website to a blog and change our motive to primarily help people on the Autism Spectrum. The “organization” would be reclassified as a Autism Rights and Advocacy Group. The blog would be changed to focus on how people live on the spectrum and the problems they go through. All other content would be pushed to the side. People on the spectrum will be our top priority. More information will be available later next year, but as of right now everything is in the talks.

ATTENTION: Member Restriction Notice

With all of these changes going around, there are going to be more restrictions on who is qualified to be an SFC-Aclevo Member due to the personal problems Reasonably Selenium is having. He no longer wishes to associate with some people which we will have to decline on the spot. These people who try to contact them may be blocked/ignored, so it is best to contact another one of the executives for the time being. Names will listed at the bottom of this blog post.


SFC-Aclevo will be going through a lot of changes in the rest of 2017 and 2018. While the divorce of the SFC Group will hurt, we hope to recover as quickly as possible. Another blog post regarding the new plan will be made as soon as we are ready. For now, please stand by as we are currently at work transitioning into the new system. Here are the names mentioned earlier in the blog post: maxthecerberus#5659 - Current President of SFC-Aclevo; nkrs200#9784 - Legal Counselor of SFC-Aclevo; Sage (TheRealSFC)#1252 - Current Co-Owner of SFC-Aclevo, Owner and Founder of The SFC Group