Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Dec 27, 2017

Hello there everybody, and welcome to the start of 2018. We have some big changes planned for Aclevo’s future, especially as an Autism Advocacy and Civil Rights group, so listen up. We will be discussing our new policies that will be taking effect, our new missions that we plan to work towards, and our new plans for video series and blog series that are coming out soon.We will also be announcing our new executives, and our acquisition of the TKPC (Another Tech to Speech Community), Deleno, and Treehouse. Let’s cut the chase and get right to this… (because we can be informal as we wish as long we don’t get demonetized.)

Our New Executives (Acquisition of the TKPC, Deleno, and Treehouse)

Not too long enough, we announced that Sage (TheRealSFC) has stepped down from Aclevo. Because of this, we had to remove all of the SFC branding from all of our content. This means that the SFC Group and Aclevo are now fully functional independent groups. This allowed us to acquire Deleno and Treehouse back into Aclevo as subdivisions. There will be a seperate blog post covering what will happen to these two subdivisions later on in the future of 2018.

Along with this, the TKPC has been acquired by Aclevo, which brought a lot of changes to both communities. We now have two new executives who run the TKPC and Aclevo: FairPlay137 and TheROFL98. Both have experience with the TTSC, The Nkrs200 Community, and The Computer Clan (somewhat); and are ready to help Aclevo and it’s communities achieve high success and a better future. Please welcome them with full respect and a happy smile. Also, most of the TKPC’s series will be uploaded to the Aclevo channel instead of MrKubuntu’s. Yes, that means we will be using our intro every time! If you want to learn more about the TKPC, you can do so here.

Our New Policies (Starring Dr.McEvil)

As you may have heard on our Twitter, we have spoiled a new character for our new series, Dr.McEvil. He was previously known as Mr.Irish, and Reasonably Selenium described him in full detail on his personal Tumblr. We will not talk about him in this blog post because it may contain sensitive information. The character himself is hated by many people inside of Aclevo, with one of the reasons being that he goes against our policies, which include Aclevo Individualism, Anti-Conformism, and Purism. Due to popular demand, we decided to make a few new policies that restrict access from those who are deemed fascist and would otherwise harm our community, provide education, treatment, and therapy for those who were impacted by philosophies that conflict with ours, and punish and convict those promote crime and harm to Aclevo.

These policies will be set to take effect sometime during January of 2018. They will also apply to any community that is owned by Aclevo, which includes the TKPC, Deleno, and Treehouse. We ask all supporters and advocates of policies that conflict with ours to maintain a great distance between us to prevent any drama, flame wars, damage, legal action or likewise. This includes people who are deemed supporters and advocates of Dr.McEvil, and his ideologies. With this, treatment and therapy must be provided to those who need assistance as soon as possible without discrimination.

(TL;DR - Dr.McEvil supporters and advocates are not allowed to be part of any Aclevo communities unless they are looking for re-education, treatment, and/or therapy.)

Our New Missions

As we’ve mentioned a few times in the past, one of our biggest missions is to help people who are disabled achieve better lives, especially those with Autism. With the expansion of our ideologies into society, we hope to continue to be of assistance to these people, while enforcing our own philosophies which will help these people accept themselves for who they are. With the implementation of our new policies, we hope to stabilize and promote our current mission better than before. We also have some new missions we are looking to achieve for the course of 2018.

With Sage (TheRealSFC) pulling mostly all of his blog posts from the website, our blog has been turned into a desert. Along with this, RXDesigns stepped down as an Executive from Aclevo, meaning that we will have to move our blog elsewhere later in 2018. This means that we may experience some downtime and maintenance as we try to transition over to a new host so people have a way to access us. We may have to lose some features and/or ideas from our website in order to keep it alive, such as our backend system. Nevertheless, we’ll keep you updated about this situation.

Our New Plans

As we’ve stated in a previous blog post, we are currently in the process of making new series. These include KGB Director Vlad Reacts, RandOS, Life with the Watsons, and My True Soulmate. We are also bringing other series ideas to life such as Minecraft Railfaning and Minecraft Mining. Expect to see some content on our YouTube Channel as we work on expanding Aclevo to be at it's ultimate best.

While we're at it, what else would you like to see us make? Please leave your comments down below and we'll see what we can do for you. We'd be happy to make offers to help grow our community to it's fullest. We will also add a contact form so you can contact us directly with your ideas if the comments section doesn't work for you. I know that some people do not like publicly advertising ideas because they feel other people would steal them later, so I hope bringing you new ways to contact us helps.


With 2017 coming to end, Aclevo is changing to become a better group than ever before. With many members who have come and left, to those mountains that we’ve all climbed to reach our goals, to the rapid amount of change that we’ve experienced over the past year; we’ve become a better community, even when we slipped and fell at certain times. Now there is a new challenge we must overcome together, and that is fighting for the individualist, anti-conformist, and purist philosophies that we strive by, even if Dr.McEvil decides to shame us in our pride. We shall win together as a united faction!