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August,16 2017

Today our staff board has came up with an idea of sperating aclevo with a new organization called deleno because some of our members are being inactive and are not working towards our standards. som people will be sent here on violation of COC and for not following orders of the board and not working. Think of deleno as what aclevo is right now without the new strict standards that will come into place soon. if you have any questions please contact Reasonably Selenium ASAP

update September,18 2017

We are currently establishing the deleno server

HTTPS Problem

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(This blog post is regrading the problem with REDIRECT ISSUES with HTTP & HTTPS)

Introducing TheCodingGuy

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Hello everyone!

I am the newest member of Aclevo. I recently signed up for this job, and so far my experience is GREAT! I mean the people who work here are funny. (at least the owner). I am very happy to start working here. Anyway, enough of this, it's time for me!

Hi, I'm Matthew, formerly TheCodingGuy (on Discord)!

Like I said, I'm proud to get enrolled here, but I must talk a little about myself so everyone can get to know me better. I am Matthew, and well, I am a web designer, and web developer. (You could check out my website:, but formerly I own a small co...

A Public Apology To Carver

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Dear Carver;

I, Reasonably Selenium, publicly apologize for not being assertive about what was going on with the problems with our organization, for not respecting the services you have personally gave for Aclevo, and for not taking down the video in question that you previously wanted me to take down. I should have been more upfront about what my organization, my peers, and my partners needed from you to make our company thrive. Instead, I betrayed you by talking behind your back about the problems we were facing. I should have merited the services you gave to us, which you worked very hard o...

Vegan Dairy-Free Oreo Milkshake (Ice Cream Optional)

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Do you crave milkshakes, but can't digest milk? As a person who cannot digest milk, I had the same problem as you, so I needed to find a good alternative that would satisfy my stomach. Looking around, I found the best way to make a milkshake without the milk, while still finding a way to adding fruit into the mix. Here is a list of ingredients that you will need to get started.

  • Chocolate Soy Milk
  • Frozen Bananas
  • Oreo Cookies
  • Chocolate Syrup (OPTIONAL, enhances taste)
  • Chocolate Soy Ice Cream (OPTIONAL, enhances thickness)

NOTICE: Please feel free to experiment the measurem...

Becoming An Adult - An Introduction

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Apr 25, 2017

My name is Reasonably Selenium, and I am almost an adult, but I am still living at my parent's house. I have no source of income right now, and I need to save up so I don't end up in a cardboard box in the next decade. YouTube is not going to be a solution anymore, especially because of the new requirements they are enforcing. The blog itself isn't going to make me enough money to live on my own either. I have to grow up, get a job, and learn the essentials of becoming an adult.

I will be keeping track of my progress of becoming an adult on this new blog series. This way, people who want to fo...


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This is an important message to the people who read our blogs. The blog for Aclevo is going to be moved to, as we have a new website that is coming out soon. Please be sure to update your bookmarks and point them to the new address so you don't miss out on new posts. We also ask that Aclevo members promptly back up your posts, passwords, and other settings in case of a failure. The new website is built on a web server made by Carver, the Chief Operative Officer, who has been working for weeks making it great.

Aclevo has not planned to release any spoilers to the blog as ...

Aclevo is Leaving YouTube, But Why?

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Serious changes are going to be made in order to keep Aclevo alive. For one, our main source of revenue will be the blog instead of YouTube. I, Reasonably Selenium, the CEO of Aclevo, will be explaining why in a minute. We as a company will also be switching from YouTube to other services such as DailyMotion and HitBox. Before we begin, please understand that we have strong opinions about maintaining an effective budget in the surplus region. We really do not like losing one of our best sources of income that keeps us rolling.

As you all may know, YouTube has recently changed their policies re...

Introducing Life In Misery: A New Series

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This blog post is about a new series I'm working on called Life In Misery. Based on a video series I worked on before, I wondered if I could produce a sequel that is much better. I then started to independently work on setting this one up until one of the Aclevo members, who is the Chief Executive Officer of The Lemon Network, decided to help me out. He was a good choice for me because he has experience with script writing. As we started working together, we decided on this description below. Some details may be changed in the future if necessary.

Life In Misery is a new video series by ...

The First Stage of Productivity: Deadlines

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Deadlines are very important in life. They tell you exactly when something is due. Whether it be homework, financial dues, or projects; you must meet your deadlines in order to avoid consequences. When your teacher finds out you haven't been meeting your deadlines on time, you may receive a zero on your project or even get detention. Your boss may fire you and hire another person who can actually submit work on time. You may even lose your credit if you do not pay it back on time. It is very important to meet your deadlines.

The reason why I am talking about deadlines today is because our orga...