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Aclevo's 2019

Happy New Year everyone!

As of this blog post, today is January 1st, 2019. Aclevo is going to be taking a huge turn to good this year. I, as your new Co-Owner & Secretary, will strive to make Aclevo take a huge turn this year. My goal for Aclevo is to make Aclevo run, even after Reasonably Selenium decides to step down.

Aclevo's 2019 will be the best year for Aclevo. This year, we will be assigning more fun and just-right tasks for our members. We accept anyone who is willing to join our awesome group (Reminder: We aren't a company and we don't plan to become one anytime soon).

In other news, ...

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Discontinuation Of Services -- Important Annoucement

Welcome back to Aclevo, and Merry Christmas to all of you.

With 2018 coming to a close, and 2019 on the rise, there has been some inner discusion about our current goals, what should be changed, and how we should be approaching 2019. Sadly, our final decisions with what we are planning to do will result in some services to be either reduced or be thrown away for good in return for new services that will be planned. You will learn more about these new goals and what we plan for the future in an upcoming blog post later in 2019 once we finalize our ideas and put them into motion. (It will be rea...

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Welcome Back to Aclevo

Hello everyone, and welcome back to Aclevo. I'm the founder and owner, Reasonably Selenium, and we have some great updates for you all. Be sure to stay tuned to learn out what's been going on, what's in store, and what you missed. There's a lot that's happened between the 6 months since the time we were acquired by Dorper, and we feel it's important for everyone to know what happened to us at that time.

Our Achievements Of The Past

Ever since 2015, Aclevo has been uniting people around the world to work together and make cool things. With over fifty overall members that have come and gone, Acl...

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Aclevo Is Leaving YouTube, But Why? (OUTDATED)

Serious changes are going to be made in order to keep Aclevo alive. For one, our main source of revenue will be the blog instead of YouTube. I, Reasonably Selenium, the CEO of Aclevo, will be explaining why in a minute. We as a company will also be switching from YouTube to other services such as DailyMotion and HitBox. Before we begin, please understand that we have strong opinions about maintaining an effective budget in the surplus region. We really do not like losing one of our best sources of income that keeps us rolling.

As you all may know, YouTube has recently changed their policies re...

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The First Stage of Productivity: Deadlines

Deadlines are very important in life. They tell you exactly when something is due. Whether it be homework, financial dues, or projects; you must meet your deadlines in order to avoid consequences. When your teacher finds out you haven't been meeting your deadlines on time, you may receive a zero on your project or even get detention. Your boss may fire you and hire another person who can actually submit work on time. You may even lose your credit if you do not pay it back on time. It is very important to meet your deadlines.

The reason why I am talking about deadlines today is because our orga...

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Communication: A Great Necessity

Communication is a vital necessity in our lives. It helps people stay in touch. It helps others share their feelings with other feeling without having to resort to violence. It colors our perception of the people around us and gives us the information we need to live. Without communication, this blog nor the organization that runs the blog would exist. It is essential that our company uses communication effectively to ensure everyone in our organization is being productive, and works hard to achieve our goals.

I am here today to talk about the recent Discord outage that has broken us apart, an...

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Productivity: Why Is It Highly Essential For Success

In order to get anywhere in life, you must make an effort. Whether it's working at a job, studying well for a good grade, or walking a few laps around the track, getting things done is essential to achieving your goals. Laziness is unacceptable in society. When you choose to be unproductive, people reflect in many negative ways. You could be fired from your job, for instance. Businesses do not want to hire test dolls. If they really wanted test dolls they would have bought inanimate objects that have no feelings. Speaking of jobs, most people in the world need them to pay for the necessities i...

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