Selenium Hotel Destruction (Minecraft)

Posted in Games on Mar 28, 2017

Here is a video of me and my friends destroying a hotel tower in Minecraft.

How to be anonymous online (Using a VPN)

Posted in Privacy, Technology on Mar 25, 2017

Read on this post how to stay anonymous online by using a VPN and a few browser add-ons.

Introducing Life In Misery: A New Series

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Mar 23, 2017

This blog post is about a new series I'm working on called Life In Misery. Based on a video series I worked on before, I wondered if I could produce a sequel that is much better. I then started to independently work on setting this one up until one of the Aclevo members, who is the Chief Executive Officer of The Lemon Network, decided to help me out. He was a good choice for me because he has experience with script writing. As we started working together, we decided on this description below. Some details may be changed in the future if necessary.

Life In Misery is a new video series by ...

The First Stage of Productivity: Deadlines

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Mar 22, 2017

Deadlines are very important in life. They tell you exactly when something is due. Whether it be homework, financial dues, or projects; you must meet your deadlines in order to avoid consequences. When your teacher finds out you haven't been meeting your deadlines on time, you may receive a zero on your project or even get detention. Your boss may fire you and hire another person who can actually submit work on time. You may even lose your credit if you do not pay it back on time. It is very important to meet your deadlines.

The reason why I am talking about deadlines today is because our orga...

Communication: A Great Necessity

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Mar 21, 2017

Communication is a vital necessity in our lives. It helps people stay in touch. It helps others share their feelings with other feeling without having to resort to violence. It colors our perception of the people around us and gives us the information we need to live. Without communication, this blog nor the organization that runs the blog would exist. It is essential that our company uses communication effectively to ensure everyone in our organization is being productive, and works hard to achieve our goals.

I am here today to talk about the recent Discord outage that has broken us apart, an...

Is NeverWare "CloudReady" for your laptop?

Posted in Technology on Mar 21, 2017

Yesterday night, I decided to try out a product that I haven't put to the test in years. NeverWare CloudReady, a port of Chromium OS that can be installed on older computers and laptops, sparked my interest yet again when I saw that they introduced a Multi-boot feature so that you could install it alongside Windows. Because Windows 10 is not really my favorite product when it comes to operating systems in regards to their forced update scheme, I had an excuse to install something new. Sure, I could have wiped the hard drive and installed this as my primary operating system, but I still used th...

Productivity: Why Is It Highly Essential For Success

Posted in Aclevo Blogs on Mar 19, 2017

In order to get anywhere in life, you must make an effort. Whether it's working at a job, studying well for a good grade, or walking a few laps around the track, getting things done is essential to achieving your goals. Laziness is unacceptable in society. When you choose to be unproductive, people reflect in many negative ways. You could be fired from your job, for instance. Businesses do not want to hire test dolls. If they really wanted test dolls they would have bought inanimate objects that have no feelings. Speaking of jobs, most people in the world need them to pay for the necessities i...

Pom's Drop Party: A Minecrafter's Dream

Posted in Games on Mar 15, 2017

After finishing the Cool Roller Coaster Video which can be found in a previous post on this blog, Pom said he would be hosting another event. Enjoying my previous work featured on this blog, he offered me another chance to put my video editing skills to work. So I decided to get out my handy dandy virtual camera, and started recording Pom's Drop Party. A drop party is a Minecraft minigame where players try to collect the most items, preferably valuable ones, and they get to keep all of them. Below is a video capturing the insane moments of this fantastic minigame.

Minecraft Roller Coaster Ride

Posted in Games on Mar 14, 2017

Around two years ago, a server owner named ThePom360 asked me to make a video of me riding his Minecraft Roller Coaster. Due to the lack of content on my channel, I decided to take up the offer and load up my video recorder, Open Broadcasting Software (known as OBS). I then went on the shortest, but my first amazing virtual roller coaster ride, later to be uploaded to YouTube and shared with the world. I taught it would be an awesome idea to share it on the blog to see what you all think.